the end is nigh! Hurricane Irene shuts down Film Forum in NYC!

Oh noes! This just popped up in my in-box:
Film Forum closed

Film Forum
is open as usual
today, Friday, August 26
Click here to view our full schedule

AUGUST 27 & 28
Due to the anticipated
hurricane emergency

We expect to re-open
Monday, August 29

Prepare the emergency supplies! Stock up on DVDs now, before all the good stuff is gone and there’s only My Little Pony flicks and Dolph Lundgren movies left in the Blockbuster! Too late to get anything from Netflix! Unless it’s streaming! But what if the power goes out?! Buy a generator, quick!

I’m so glad I’m in London at the moment, where we only have to worry about riots, not the cinemas shutting down.

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