things you need to know: Michael Jackson’s freakish offspring cried for her daddy as he died

Michael Jackson

The Los Angeles trial of the doctor who presided over Michael Jackson’s death took a bizarre turn today as jurors heard witness testimony of the unnatural behavior of one of Jackson’s unholy spawn. People reports:

Paris Jackson Screamed ‘Daddy’ as Michael Jackson Died

In what must have been a terrifying moment, Paris Jackson – daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson – screamed out for her father as his doctor tried unsuccessfully to revive him on the day he died.

“Paris screamed out, ‘Daddy!’ ” Alberto Alvarez testified on the third day of Dr. Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial in Los Angeles. “She was crying.”

Indeed, I can well imagine the terror of anyone watching the scene. A child? Crying for her father? As he died?

What sort of monstrous freak had Jackson fathered that she could do such a thing?

We are truly well served by the journalistic endeavors of the fine upstanding investigative journalists of People magazine, without whom such important, need-to-know stories would go untold.

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