Torchwood: Miracle Day: Episode 8: “End of the Road” (review)

Torchwood Miracle Day Nana Visitor John Barrowman

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I am Gwen’s contemptuous disdain:

Torchwood Miracle Day contemptuous Gwen

Torchwood Miracle Day contemptuous Gwen

Torchwood Miracle Day contemptuous Gwen

Torchwood Miracle Day contemptuous Gwen

I think she sums it all up when she says:

So… why the hell… you know… blerp… Bollocks.

Miracle Day in a nutshell.

So it hasn’t been Angelo all along who was after Jack? Angelo’s trying to protect Jack? From what? From the three families? Why the hell do they want anything from Jack?

Angelo wants immortality — which is easy to achieve, by the way; “Prolonging life is simple” *headdesk* — and then he doesn’t, so he installs the alien-tech thingie under his bed. What the fuck. He doesn’t know how the Miracle happened, but he does know that the null-field generator will reverse it?

Well, at least it’s a little more alien stuff. Gotta find the good where we can…

Torchwood Miracle Day stock markets falling

Why are stock markets falling? I don’t see that this is such an inevitable result of the Miracle that it can go unexplained. Pension funds shouldn’t be going bankrupt already — it’s only been, what, a matter of weeks, at the most?

The idea that the crash of 2008 could be part of this big Miracle conspiracy is an interesting notion. “The Miracle Security Act” is an interesting notion. People volunteering for Category 1 is an interesting notion. Jilly Kitzinger’s CIA-plant of an intern girl is an interesting notion– oh, never mind, she’s dead. Why isn’t the show about these things? Why hasn’t Miracle Day actually been about the societal ramifications of the Miracle? Why is the show, eight episodes into its ten, still treading water with nonsense such as Oswald Danes and his hookers and his beating up Kitzinger — so unpleasant and so unnecessary. Oswald is totally superfluous, isn’t he? Not just in this episode but across the whole story. What is the point of him?

What the hell is this nonsense with Rex lifting the eye cameras? He was told they’d work only for Gwen, and he had no evidence to the contrary. That was a big chance to take. Oh, wait: he doesn’t just steal the lenses, he reprograms them so that the cue for them to transmit is tied to his elevated heartrate! Which he totally improvised all on his own, with no help from Gwen or Jack. So not plausible.

Torchwood Miracle Day Wayne Knight

Ah, and now we see why they needed to invent the microphone bullshit, because there’s no lipreading software available at Angelo’s house! (Also, good thing Rex knew there would be screens he could transmit to all over Angelo’s house!)

Torchwood Miracle Day exploding car

Oh, good. Something blew up.

Torchwood Miracle Day Nana Vistor and John de Lancie

So there’s something geeky-cool in this episode: Kira Nerys meets Q.

Think we’ll actually find out anything about Ablemarch, Costerdane, and Frines? Sure, there’s two more episodes to go, but Jack is bleeding all over the place, Esther is crying again, Gwen is on her way back to Wales, and Oswald is on the run. So many tangents to choose from! Maybe the fact that Kitzinger is working for the three families now means we’ll get thrown some sort of narrative bone. Finally.

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