question of the day: What movie most says “Halloween” to you?

scared woman

It’s Halloween! If you were going to pick out the ideal DVD to watch tonight, once the trick-or-treaters go home and there’s nothing left but the night and the darkness, which flick would you choose?

What movie most says “Halloween” to you?

That’s not necessarily the scariest movie you’ve ever seen (though perhaps it is). It could be a movie that’s comforting in its scariness, in that it’s maybe more sorta creepy and ooky than outright horrifying. Or it might be a movie that embodies the modern ideal of Halloween, more about silly fun than anything else.

I think I’d pick an old Universal monster movie, perhaps the James Whale Frankenstein, or Lon Chaney Jr. as The Wolf Man. I don’t find these movies all that terrifying, but I love their atmosphere. Halloween is a black-and-white holiday for me…

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