question of the day: Which film actors would you like to see make the move to television?

Justified Timothy Olyphant

Lots of film actors have made the made the move to TV in recent years, many to great affect and — it would appear — greater creative satisfaction. Glenn Close, for instance, has been hugely successful with Damages; Timothy Olyphant has finally found a role suited to his talent and presence on Justified. Surely we’ll be seeing more actors taking advantage of the artistic room television drama can allow, with its novelistic stories and deeply developed characters.

TheWrap took a look the other day at “10 Movie Stars Who Should Take the Plunge Into TV”:

Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis, Harrison Ford and Tilda Swinton should take the plunge into television.

And we don’t mean this in a bad way.

It is a place for actors to reapply some luster to their faded star or find the kind of challenging work that has been shouldered out of the multiplexes by superhero films and remakes.

And in many cases, they emerge from their small screen stints equally in demand for film roles. For instance, Close just earned her sixth Academy Award nomination last week for “Albert Nobbs” and Baldwin has nabbed coveted roles in big movies such as “It’s Complicated” and the upcoming “Rock of Ages.”

TheWrap’s list also includes Drew Barrymore, Susan Sarandon, Samuel L. Jackson, Ethan Hawke, and others. Click on over for the full piece, which features some brainstorming about the kinds of show that would suit these actors.

Which film actors would you like to see make the move to television? What sort of show would you cast them in?

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