Uggie gets an Oscar! (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Why doesn’t the industry want teens to see BULLY? I’m totally mystified by this… ‘Bully’ doc could be treated like a NC-17 movie, theater owners warn Weinstein Company

• :-( Monkees Singer Davy Jones — Dead at 66 from Heart Attack

• Uggie gets an Oscar! [image]

• Gotta love the Daily Mail, sexing up nonexistent gossip from the 1840s. The story was *homework* for her tutor (whom she did have a thing for), and it’s basically a kiddie story about a runaway rat. Would be cool if it were a steamy bit of erotica, but it ain’t. Charlotte Bronte’s L’Ingratitude story written for a married man is published for the first time

• Because COWBOYS AND ALIENS didn’t suck enough. (This will be a movie, too.) Barry Sonnenfeld’s ‘Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens’ Graphic Novel Set for Summer Launch

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