church of awesome: The Blitz Party

The Blitz Party

I heard “Blitz Party,” and I thought, Must see this. From The Blitz Party’s Facebook page:

RUN FOR SHELTER to the new 1940s night that’s just brimming with community spirit!

Ladies, don your lipstick and tea-dresses and draw on those stockings. Men dust off your medals and wave your Union Jack with pride. Blitz Party is set to be London’s hottest new night, where cocktails, dancing and neighbourly spirit are the order of the evening.

Make your way to a wartime East End air shelter, complete with sandbags, searchlights, blackout curtains, oil lamps and military bunk beds. Ration books replace bar tabs and scarce provisions line the walls.

Spread under two arches, the rooms will host the UK’s finest live swing bands, performers and DJs. Big band tunes play for fun-loving party girls who long to share a Gin French with a handsome man in uniform. The Spitfire Bar serves good old Kentish Ale and hearty food to hungry soldiers, and another room will project original newsreels and wartime films, accompanied by live music.

Dress Code – 1940s glam, home front utility clothing and allied uniform all welcome

The event’s site says the next party is May 5th, and it appears that tickets are still available.

Check out the video at The Blitz Party, and tons of images like this of previous parties:

The Blitz Party

Gonna have to assemble a temporally appropriate outfit and get to a future party. I blame Connie Willis’s Blackout/All Clear, set during World War II in London — which I recently read for a second time now that I know the city so much better than I did before I arrived to live here — for making me need to go to one of these parties.

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