Parents Television Council does not want children to see Bully, at all, ever (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Guess I should start writing pithier reviews… Study: Young Consumers Switch Media 27 Times An Hour

• Sexual predators provide a real challenge to our ideals about justice. We don’t punish people for crimes they haven’t committed, and yet pedophiles in particular appear to be compelled to recommit the same crimes over and over again in ways that other criminals are not. So tricky… Video-Game Companies Agree to Close Sex Offenders’ Online Accounts

• Totally chilling. Is it fascism yet? “It’s hard to overstate how oppressive it is for the U.S. Government to be able to target journalists, film-makers and activists and, without a shred of suspicion of wrongdoing, learn the most private and intimate details about them and their work: with whom they’re communicating, what is being said, what they’re reading. That’s a radical power for a government to assert in general. When it starts being applied not randomly, but to people engaged in activism and journalism adverse to the government, it becomes worse than radical: it’s the power of intimidation and deterrence against those who would challenge government conduct in any way.” U.S. filmmaker repeatedly detained at border

• This is ridiculous. We shouldn’t report facts if some people may be offended by them? It seems to me that a journalist is being excoriated for highlighting an outrageous instance of racism. Should we pretend that some people are not disgusting racists? How would that help anything? CNN Anchor Apologizes After Correspondent Uses Profanity on the Air

• Basically, PTC does not want children to see Bully, at all, ever. Why do they hate the children? Parents Television Council criticizes MPAA for ‘Bully’ special treatment

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