question of the day: What is your favorite post-credits stinger scene?

In honor of the fact that somone has finally started a Twitter feed to aggregate news of extra scenes worth sitting through a film’s credits for — that would be @FilmPostCredits — and the fact that Battleship (which I saw last night; review soon) has a tag scene, today’s question:
What is your favorite post-credits stinger scene?

I think mine might still be, after all these years, Ferris Bueller telling us to go home. Or else it’s the scene that’s probably be the first one I remember, at the end of Young Sherlock Holmes, which I only accidentally stumbled upon — I’m not sure I even knew anyone was doing such things, I had just hung around with my brother talking about the movie. And then we got a bonus that everyone else had missed! That was such a great feeling.


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