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That’s My Boy (redband and greenband trailers)

This is, of course, entirely appalling just on its own, and surely a sign not only of the impending apocalypse but that humanity deserves to die in a maelstrom of hellfire and brimstone. But it’s even worse than that, because the trailer doesn’t even hint at what could possibly be the very worst thing about this movie. For that, we must turn to the greenband trailer, which is — difficult as it may be to believe — far more offensive than the redband:

Now, it’s true that “everyone has a teenage crush.” But when the adult crushee rapes the underage teen, that’s usually called, you know, “rape.” And not “comedy.”

It also appears that this greenband trailer — that is, the one supposedly appropriate for all audiences — makes a mockery of child abuse. How does a 13-year-old end up raising a child on his own?

Apparently it’s now okay for greenband trailers to feature a woman calling a man “you big vagina.” A bit of potsmoking, though: oh no, protect the children.

I hate everything and everybody right now. But mostly Adam Sandler.

US/Canada release date: Jun 15 2012 | UK release date: Sep 7 2012

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