question of the day: What’s the most inexplicable appearance by a big star in a crappy movie?

Movie 43 Richard Gere

Much is being made of the inexplicableness of so many major major movie stars appearing in the execrable Movie 43. Peter Howell in the Toronto Star calls it “the biggest waste of talent in cinema history.” David Edelstein at Vulture wonders:

Were These Actors Blackmailed to Appear in This Raunchy Fiasco?

Was someone holding Kate Winslet’s children hostage? Threatening to release compromising pictures of Emma Stone? Did Richard Gere or Hugh Jackman have gambling debts?

And it’s true that these are pressing questions that demand answers. But it’s merely the sheer number of incomprehensible movie-star appearances in a single film that distinguish it. Hollywood is littered with big names in terrible films that leave you in awe of how such a thing could have happened. Such as Al Pacino forced to romance Adam Sandler’s drag Jill in Jack and Jill. How did that happen?

What’s the most inexplicable appearance by a big star in a crappy movie? And if you think you know why he or she ended up with such an awful job, feel free to share…

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Wed, Feb 17, 2021 4:24pm

Poor Zendaya, having to star in Disney’s Zapped…