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Doctor Who thing: minisode about how Strax ended up with Vastra and Jenny

Via Bleeding Cool, which says this showed up on U.S. iTunes:

The commenters at the page of the clearly unauthorized YouTube upload — this video is not mentioned at all at the BBC’s Doctor Who site — point out the idiocy of trying to make any online video an “exclusive” for any territory. So why is the BBC playing these sorts of games? It’s almost as if they’re counting on this video being uploaded so that everyone can see it. Do they imagine we fans like it more when there’s a hint of naughtiness about our fannish behavior? If not, why not make the video available to everyone?

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • Isabelle May

    Kind of takes the nobility out of his sacrifice at the Battle of Demon’s Run, huh…
    (I mean, nobility in Sontaran terms)

  • Rob

    Well, he did have to have survived already to have shown up in the Christmas special, so this minisode didn’t really take away the nobility of his sacrifice. That already happened. This just shows exactly how. Also, from a non-Sontaran standpoint, the fact that, at the time, he thought he was sacrificing himself makes his act noble, and this way we get more of a very entertaining character. Personally, I’m now hoping for a Madame Vastra/Jenny/Strax spin-off, Sarah Jane Adventures-style.

  • Karl Morton IV

    Thank you for not bending over backwards to see anything Moffat does as a Very Bad Thing! ;)

  • Joanne

    Video blocked by BBC Worldwide. Clearly they don’t want everyone to see it. As my licence fee has paid for this, I’d rather like to …

  • He was a Sontaran. I was expected he got cloned from a batch. It makes it slightly funny to see a Sontaran so desperate to die in battle and unable to do so because everybody else likes him enough to keep him healthy.

  • It wasn’t blocked when I posted this.

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