most popular posts on FlickFilosopher week of Apr 6-12 2013

1. Hollywood pathetically attempts to recapture the glory of the past (Evil Dead review)

2. Doctor Who blogging: “The Bells of Saint John”

3. Stephenie Meyer has found a whole new way for teen girls to be conflicted about sex (The Host review)

4. Doctor Who blogging: “The Rings of Akhaten”

5. Doctor Who thing: read Summer Falls by Amelia Williams

6. please can Derek Cianfrance not get sucked up by the Hollywood machine (The Place Beyond the Pines review)

7. Doctor Who thing: is there a connection between Clara’s dad and Pete Tyler?

8. question of the week: What does the death of Roger Ebert mean for mainstream film criticism?

9. HBO isn’t dying, so they think they’re winning (on the rampant pirating of Game of Thrones)

10. question of the weekend: What word or phrase would you eliminate from the English language, and why?

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