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what is the cutest baby animal ever? (QOTW)

This week has been awful. Worst week ever. So bad that The Onion (“Jesus, This Week”) and Jezebel (“Fuck This Week”) pretty much agreed on just how particularly abysmal the level of awful has been… though it must be noted that The Onion published its lament on Thursday, before the week got even worse.
And it’s not over yet. There’s still this weekend to get through.

We need something to cleanse our spiritual palates. And so, let us turn our minds to this conundrum:

What is the cutest baby animal ever?

This doesn’t count:

fuck this fuck that cat

The fact that it features what is clearly an adult animal could be let slide. But the cat’s attitude is not spiritually cleansing.

This might count:

baby pig with sweater

Ah, that’s better.

Feel free to add photos to your comments, if you have a particular cute baby animal in mind. Or you may debate in a more general sense: Baby penquins are cuter than baby otters.

Enjoy the adorbs.

(If you have a suggestion for a Question, feel free to email me.)

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