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London photo of the day: lovely tiles

lovely tiles

A lot of decoration for a space that usually gets ignored. A closeup of the tiles:

lovely tiles

(In Wood Green. Not my house.)

  • RogerBW

    “Because, why not?”

    I think that one of the things that’s broken about the UK housing market is that most rental contracts (especially council ones) completely forbid any sort of alteration. When people don’t feel able to make their own homes pleasant places, both the homes and the people are prone to become unpleasant. That tiling was probably done by someone who owned the place, lived there, and cared about it.

  • Isobel_A

    It looks Edwardian, with the porch and the stained glass front door. The Edwardians were good at making things pretty with tiling.

  • There’s a whole street of houses with these tiles in the entryway. So perhaps it was the builder who had a sense of style.

  • Isobel_A

    Definitely Edwardian, then – they built whole streets of terraces with beautiful touches like that, beautiful tiling inside the front hallways and stained glass everywhere. Palmers Green is full of them, and I think that’s only a couple of miles north of Wood Green.

  • I live in a pretty standard terrace in Harlesden, they all have the same green tiling exactly like that. I’m fond of it.

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