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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

female gazing at: Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen

I can’t believe I haven’t been madly in love with this man since forever, but it’s a new thing for me:

Mads Mikkelsen

I haven’t seen his Hannibal yet, but I suspect it might ruin the crush I’ve been nurturing since A Royal Affair and The Hunt:

Mads Mikkelsen

Relaxing with a beer:

Mads Mikkelsen

Perhaps after the trials of whatever medieval war he fought in:

Mads Mikkelsen

(If you have a suggestion for someone we should female-gaze at, feel free to email me with a name or a link to a particular photo. But check to see whom we’ve already gazed at.)

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  • beckymonster

    As much as I abhor the 2010 version of Clash Of The Titans, the best thing I can say about it is that this guy has *nice* knees.


  • Drave

    Hannibal is amazing, but it may ruin your crush because he is just the worst human being imaginable. I was afraid to watch it because I was worried they would try and make him somehow sympathetic, but I should have known to trust Bryan Fuller. I mean, Pushing Daisies was basically the most Dravish show ever made.

  • AA

    Yesssss! I have fan-girled this guy (along with Joel Edgerton) ever since the painful “King Arthur” movie in which the male scenery was the best thing about it.

  • Fionna

    I haven’t watched so many episodes of Hannibal – so perhaps my perception is skewed – but my impression is that he’s still a bit too sympathetic a character: the Robin Hood of flesh-eating psychopaths, who only eats unlikeable people so the rest of us don’t have to put up with them. (So who could have a problem with that?) He is rather dishy, though (Mads Mikkelsen, that is).

  • victoria

    Head over heels for this man lol! Such a natural with his acting. Hes gonna go far :)

  • Tery Režnarová

    The problem is that he should be kind of sympathetic… He’s not eating people because he’s only crazy, he honours them in some insane way and he’s getting closer to Will what makes him more human in connection what he does and that’s exactly what should cause a sympathy by viewer. So he plays the character exactly how it should be….

  • Boris Križan

    He was awesome in Valhalas Rising

  • Indy

    Hello !! I’m french and I discovered him in The King Arthur, and fell in love with his character, Tristan. He’s so amazing and talentuous ! I love him, I saw all this movies. The Hunt and Royal Affait are great, great, great, and I am impatient of discovering him in Michael Kolhlass !! :) :)

  • Saucy

    I love Mads too. I love your site. xxx

  • Saucy

    I too love Mads. I also love Valhalla Rising but my all time loved film is the one where men are what they are not – Flame and Citrone. God Bless Jorgen and Bent. xxx

  • MadforMads

    Almost wouldn’t mind being killed by his Hannibal because he does it so sensuously. You *have* to watch it.

  • Charmaine

    I was curious about him after I watched Hannibal and looked him up. He’s not only nice to look at but an awesome actor.

  • Charmaine


  • Ide Cyan

    He doesn’t honor them — that’s Garrett Jacob Hobbs.

    Also: the beer is people. (Had to say it!)

  • derpette

    He is one of the mos talented actors i’ve ever seen. I am wondering why he was hiding this talentfor 10 years, as a dancer :D

  • Tery Režnarová

    he does as well.. :) just in different way

  • Me, myself and I

    Such an incredible actor. Mesmerising in the Hunt. No wonder he won Cannes best actor award in 2012!.

  • Yes!

  • Haven’t seen those. Will have to put them on the list.

  • I’m sure I’ll get to it at some point. But I haven’t even seen the new batch of Game of Thrones yet!

  • Saucy

    Also hilariously funny and sad at the same time – the brilliantly made The Green Butchers. This always makes me smile in a twisted sort of way.
    If you ever run into Mads give him a hug from me. x

  • GibsonGirl99

    Mads is wonderful! Adam’s Apples, After the Wedding, & yes, the only reason for King Arthur is all the lovely man scenery!

  • Eleanor

    Oh don’t worry – it won’t kill your crush on him. It’ll just make it super confusing!!! (Speaking from experience, here)

  • derpette

    Yeah, so true… If he approached you and he wanted more than a hug ;-) , you would jump in his arms or punch him in the face: you won’t be sure which one to do… Veeery confusing crush but so exciting at the same time :D

  • Martin

    Well, I am truly amazed by you people… Do you REALLY think he is a great actor??? Really?!

    I have the good (mis-) fortune of being from his native country and thus have had the opportunity to follow his career from the very beginning and he has always struck me a extremely one dimensional… I find that he is at his best in Pusher (1996) in the role of low life Tonny! Not particularly mean or bad – just a bit pathetic!

    As with others before him (Keanu Reeves to mention one…), he is (at best) mediocre and off the screen he comes across as not being “too bright”!

    Obviously I am pleased on his behalf for all his recent success but at the same time I just can’t believe it… His role in “A royal affair” was a disaster and a total miscast or him playing Stravinsky!!! I am pretty sure he didn’t know a thing about either of those characters before filming. And I doubt he had a much better understanding after…!

  • Annabel

    I’ve been having a private Mads film festival due to extreme heat wave in NYC. I am thinking he is a great actor, but am possibly mesmerized. Perhaps a Sorcerer? Am in a bit of a swoon.

  • inconnue

    I totally agree with you : Mads always plays these fighting teenage characters who are still in bromances, afraid of real women, but using them or beating them when necessary.
    And in Pusher II Bleeder and Vildspor these immature “masculine guys” dare claim for respect!!! Even in the Hunt the only person Lucas dares confront is his new girlfriend ! And in a Royal Affair we feel much more love for the King than for the Queen. Coco and Igor’s romance is just a power struggle. I can make an exception for Michael Kohlhaas and After The Wedding though.

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