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getting current subscribers set up on TinyPass

UPDATE: If you received an email from TinyPass without a password, it means that you already have a TinyPass account (perhaps you’re getting the Movie Cheat Sheets, in which case you’ll have a TinyPass account). Use that same email/password combo to login in with TinyPass here.

I won’t be sending another password via TinyPass, so if you’ll still unsure about what’s going on or you have trouble accessing premium content, drop me an email and we’ll figure it out.

The next big change coming to FlickFilosopher.com is that very soon, some posts will be “premium,” for subscribers only. (There will also a pay-per-post option on those posts, for those who don’t want a monthly subscription. And there will also be a few freebies each month before readers encounter a request to subscribe.)

For current subscribers, pre-TinyPass, I’ve just sent an email that was supposed to include a password for you to use, but because the TinyPass documentation is so sparse, I may have done something wrong (or else TinyPass screwed up), and that email does NOT include the information you need. I’m working with TinyPass to figure out what’s going on, and another email will go out soon that will, hopefully, include the correct information. ETA: Or maybe you DID get an email with a password? Let me know…

If you got that email from TinyPass, it means you’ll get the next one. I believe I’ve caught all the current subscribers bar one: “Josh” — no last name — an annual subscriber via Amazon for whom I could not get an email address. If you’re Josh and you didn’t get that email from TinyPass, let me know; you could forward your Amazon receipt, if you have it, or let me know how much you subscribed for and when your sub started (you should be able to get that info from your Amazon account).

Anyone else besides Josh who is a current subscriber and didn’t get that email, give a holler and we’ll figure it out.

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  • I got the email but it didn’t include a password. I wound up going to the TinyPass site and used their “forgot password?” option to reset and create a new one.

  • LaSargenta


  • ferretgeek

    I got the e-mail but no password.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I got the email AND a temporary password.

  • Do you have an existing TinyPass account? Apparently, in such a case, you should use your existing password.

    I’m begging TinyPass to improve their documentation and automated text…

  • I did NOT get the e-mail, and I am a current subscriber. I feel so left out.
    : – (

  • Please email me with the email address associated with your PayPal or Amazon Payments account. Or forward me a receipt for a payment. Thanks!

  • Jay

    I got the email but no password. And now it says that my subscription is unsubscribed. What should I do?

  • What’s the “it” that says you’re “unsubscribed”?

    If you got an email with no password, it appears that that means that you have an existing TinyPass account. Are you getting the Movie Cheat Sheets (in which case, you would have gotten TinyPass access to that, too)?

  • The reason you didn’t get a password is, apparently, because you already have a TinyPass account (perhaps because you’re also getting the Movie Cheat Sheets?). So that new password will also be needed if you want to look at movie pages at the Cheat Sheet site.

  • ferretgeek

    Apparently I did have an existing account.

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