most popular posts on FlickFilosopher week of Jun 22-28 2013

1. Doctor Who thing: the animated series that almost happened (but didn’t)

2. a World War Z sequel? maybe if they’d kept the original ending

3. World War Z review: mutated Hollywood ebola [premium]

4. Monsters University review: back of the class

5. The Purge review: good, decent, patriotic violence

6. Before Midnight review: eavesdropping on romance [premium]

7. Man of Steel review: man of feel [premium]

8. Despicable Me 2 review: a little bit despicable itself [premium]

9. Edward Snowden: traitor or hero?

10. Jeff Robinov, who decreed that Warner Bros wouldn’t make movies with female leads, wants to not make women-led films elsewhere, probably

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