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premium posts not showing up in full-content RSS feed (update)

UPDATE: TinyPass has responded to my support request to say that there’s no way around the problem, and why don’t I try their new service that completely wouldn’t work for this site at all (except for fixing that problem)?

It’s getting really really hard to see that the universe isn’t just pointing and laughing at my attempts to make any of this work. The punchline will be that my shift to WordPress has been an expensive boondoggle that will actually leave me worse off than I was before.

I’m having a think and a Google to see if I can come up with some way around this problem.

Several readers have emailed me about this, so I wanted to let everyone know that I’m aware of the problem and am trying to find a solution for it.

Basically, premium posts are not showing up in the full-content feed (a bonus for subscribers) beyond the point at which the TinyPass paywall kicks in. It’s NOT what I want or intend, and I’ve put in a support request with TinyPass to find a way to have RSS ignore (or strip out) the TinyPass code that is preventing the full text from displaying.

Or, if someone knows how to tell WordPress to ignore or strip out a bit of code in an RSS feed, I’d love to hear about it.

I don’t have an ETA on the fix, but it’s a priority and I’m trying to find a solution asap.

I’m sorry. I know it’s a pain in the neck. :-(

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  • teenygozer

    Yup. I’m a subscriber and it ran me ragged as I tried to figure out how to get around it and read the Much Ado review. After jumping through a number of hoops, I thought I saw the finish line, and BAM–it still demanded the 25cents to get in.

    I vote “NO” on this new future version of teh internets. I get that you and other writers want and need to be able to get paid, but what happens when everybody does this same thing, throwing up teeny-tinypass gated communities all over the internet? Are we going to get nickled and dimed and quartered every damned time we click on a link? I don’t have the money for this, I have two part-time jobs for which I, like you, am vastly underpaid, and I’m really rather invested in continuing to pay my rent and eat rather than running up a bill a quarter a time. Given how quickly I read, I can see a day when I empty my bank account without even realizing it. I see a future internet that’s only for people with money and it’s depressing to behold. I just vote NO to this annoying thing that seems to be set up to function as DRM for the internet, and works just about as well as DRM always (doesn’t) work. I should probably not post when I’m cranky and tired (having worked two jobs today, a Sunday) but I don’t think I’m going to feel differently tomorrow.

  • If you’re a subscriber and you didn’t get the email with your TinyPass password, please email me and we’ll figure it out.

    My options are 1) Start earning a living from the work I’m doing here, or 2) Stop doing it. Either my work is worth paying for, or it isn’t. Perhaps your No vote will be joined by many others, and then I’ll have my answer, and then you’ll win.

    I’m sorry you feel “nickle and dimed.” But unless people like me can get paid for our work, the Internet is going to consist entirely of content created by corporations, the independently wealthy, or amateurs in their spare time. Which is mostly what it is already. I don’t see how you don’t realize that the Internet is *already* for people with money. And it’s not my fault that that’s the way it is. So please don’t blame me.

    Oh, and DRM protects content that has been paid for from being shared around to those who haven’t paid. So that’s not a fair analogy. I’ve been giving my work away for almost 16 years. It’s time to get paid. I’m rather invested in not living on the street, being able to feed myself, and paying off the debt I’ve incurred to get myself here.

    I get that you and others don’t want to pay for quality content. I’d love to hear some alternative ways to make this work. Because I don’t know what they are.

  • dwa4

    Do you have the ability to make a one time contribution/subscription that will cover, say, 1 year and not have to have a monthly deduction from a persons account?
    I asked this when you first started taking contributions and the answer was no. When I look at the subscription process the answer is not clear to me.

  • I did offer annual subscriptions under the old system. Unfortunately, TinyPass does not offer annual subscriptions via the WordPress plugin I’m using.
    I’m afraid it’s now monthly only, unless and until I can hire someone to help with the administration and technical work it would take to offer more options. I’m sorry.

  • David C-D

    Is your concern that you don’t want to authorize open-ended future deductions? Can you just make one-time payments each month (or so) as a temporary workaround?

  • Bluejay

    I signed up a while ago for, I think, an automatically renewable annual subscription. (TinyPass let me through and I can see the new posts just fine.) Will this new system keep honoring that arrangement, or will I have to pay month-to-month in the future?

  • Anyone with a pre-TinyPass subscription won’t have to do anything different. It’s new subs that go through TinyPass that have to be monthly only. That’s TinyPass’s restriction, not mine.

  • Anyone who signs up for TinyPass can cancel at any time. I suppose someone could start a new sub and then immediately cancel it, and then do the same again every month. But I don’t know what sort of sense that would make.

  • dwa4

    We try to keep the automatic monthly renewal processes to a minimum. Four teen year children has tended to create a lot of budget clutter with online game renewals, music services, not to mention traditional bills. It quickly becomes more difficult to sort out $ and probably significantly more risky than it needs to be despite the best efforts of the site and its administrators. Have done away with a lot of these.

  • If you’re truly opposed to a recurring monthly subscription, you can PayPal a donation to thechick@flickfilosopher.com, and I’ll take care of all the other stuff. Since the monthly sub is now $4.99 minimum, that would make a yearly sub $59.88 minimum.

  • dwa4

    I do not have a Paypal ?account? I believe of my kids does. Will look into that

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