Lianne Spiderbaby plagiarized my review of Turn Me On, Dammit! (final update)

SUNDAY: I’ve posted the Lianne Spiderbaby piece that Bleeding Cool asked for from me and then scrubbed. It’s here.

And now I’m done with this. I hope…


TUESDAY late: Bleeding Cool has removed my piece.


This is bizarre because they specifically commissioned me to write the piece.

I have no idea why it was removed. I’ve emailed and tweeted at them and am awaiting a response. If I don’t get one, or if I get an unsatisfactory one, I’ll post the piece here.

More links: CriticWire (which spelled both my name and the name of this site wrong) and the Guardian.


TUESDAY: I wrote a piece for Bleeding Cool catching up their readers on this, and talking a bit about how special it makes me feel to have been robbed like this.

Lots more coverage popping up: FilmDrunk, Heavy, the Los Angeles Times. I spoke to the Toronto Star for its piece.

The odd thing about how those two major papers are covering this is their headlines. The Times’:


And the Star’s:


She’s not “accused.” She’s caught. Caught redhanded.

Oh, and also, it’s clear that this only matters because of who her boyfriend is.


MONDAY: This story is exploding. Gawker has a post up about this now, as does FishbowlNY. Stay tuned…


Saturday, July 13, 2013:

I’m sick of this shit, and it’s time to start publicly shaming the wrongdoers.

Here’s my review of Turn Me On, Dammit! Lianne Spiderbaby’s is here. And just in case she decides to edit it, here’s the screenshot I took this morning, with the passages that have been lifted directly from my review highlighted:


I think it’s pretty clear that my style and the complexity of my thoughts here are radically different from her writing, even the writing she uses to string together my thoughts in this piece alone. It’s also plain she has no idea what I’m saying (or what makes the movie as radical as it is) with this:

rather than the typical romantic flowers and candy fantasies that most young women have

No: “flowers and candy” is the false idea about what teen girls fantasize about that this film is blasting away.

It’s also obvious that she has cut-and-pasted my writing. In the bit highlighted in red, she’s missed the closing parentheses — or forgotten to delete the opening one. And in the bit highlighted in blue, she has truncated my sentence but neglected to reword it so that her version isn’t an incomplete thought.

I will anticipate her response: “Oh, I copied your review for reference and didn’t mean to use it in my review.” Bullshit. I’m a writer. I know what words I’ve written, and which I haven’t. So should anyone else who calls herself a writer. There is no excuse for this.

Spiderbaby’s site informs us that she has a book coming out from St. Martin’s Press. I wonder if they know she’s a plagiarist.

Thanks to reader Miroslaw for the heads-up.

MORE: Apparently Spiderbaby is a serial plagiarist: see this piece at Impossible Funky. Not a surprise at all. No one is an accidental plagiarist, and no one who plagiarizes stops until they are caught.

UPDATE: Aaaaand, as of 2:21pm GDT, her site is gone.

UPDATE: As of 7:03pm GDT, her site is back, but not the review she plagiarized from me.

UPDATE: Spiderbaby tweets:

I apologize for the plagiarism in my work. I am leaving journalism behind for awhile. I’m so very sorry to everyone esp those I’ve wronged.

— Lianne Spiderbaby (@liannespider) July 13, 2013

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