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Lianne Spiderbaby plagiarized my review of Turn Me On, Dammit! (final update)

SUNDAY: I’ve posted the Lianne Spiderbaby piece that Bleeding Cool asked for from me and then scrubbed. It’s here.

And now I’m done with this. I hope…


TUESDAY late: Bleeding Cool has removed my piece.


This is bizarre because they specifically commissioned me to write the piece.

I have no idea why it was removed. I’ve emailed and tweeted at them and am awaiting a response. If I don’t get one, or if I get an unsatisfactory one, I’ll post the piece here.

More links: CriticWire (which spelled both my name and the name of this site wrong) and the Guardian.


TUESDAY: I wrote a piece for Bleeding Cool catching up their readers on this, and talking a bit about how special it makes me feel to have been robbed like this.

Lots more coverage popping up: FilmDrunk, Heavy, the Los Angeles Times. I spoke to the Toronto Star for its piece.

The odd thing about how those two major papers are covering this is their headlines. The Times’:


And the Star’s:


She’s not “accused.” She’s caught. Caught redhanded.

Oh, and also, it’s clear that this only matters because of who her boyfriend is.


MONDAY: This story is exploding. Gawker has a post up about this now, as does FishbowlNY. Stay tuned…


Saturday, July 13, 2013:

I’m sick of this shit, and it’s time to start publicly shaming the wrongdoers.

Here’s my review of Turn Me On, Dammit! Lianne Spiderbaby’s is here. And just in case she decides to edit it, here’s the screenshot I took this morning, with the passages that have been lifted directly from my review highlighted:


I think it’s pretty clear that my style and the complexity of my thoughts here are radically different from her writing, even the writing she uses to string together my thoughts in this piece alone. It’s also plain she has no idea what I’m saying (or what makes the movie as radical as it is) with this:

rather than the typical romantic flowers and candy fantasies that most young women have

No: “flowers and candy” is the false idea about what teen girls fantasize about that this film is blasting away.

It’s also obvious that she has cut-and-pasted my writing. In the bit highlighted in red, she’s missed the closing parentheses — or forgotten to delete the opening one. And in the bit highlighted in blue, she has truncated my sentence but neglected to reword it so that her version isn’t an incomplete thought.

I will anticipate her response: “Oh, I copied your review for reference and didn’t mean to use it in my review.” Bullshit. I’m a writer. I know what words I’ve written, and which I haven’t. So should anyone else who calls herself a writer. There is no excuse for this.

Spiderbaby’s site informs us that she has a book coming out from St. Martin’s Press. I wonder if they know she’s a plagiarist.

Thanks to reader Miroslaw for the heads-up.

MORE: Apparently Spiderbaby is a serial plagiarist: see this piece at Impossible Funky. Not a surprise at all. No one is an accidental plagiarist, and no one who plagiarizes stops until they are caught.

UPDATE: Aaaaand, as of 2:21pm GDT, her site is gone.

UPDATE: As of 7:03pm GDT, her site is back, but not the review she plagiarized from me.

UPDATE: Spiderbaby tweets:

I apologize for the plagiarism in my work. I am leaving journalism behind for awhile. I’m so very sorry to everyone esp those I’ve wronged.

— Lianne Spiderbaby (@liannespider) July 13, 2013

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  • ferretgeek

    Do you have any recourse, or is this one of those situations where it would be too costly and time consuming for you to take legal action?

  • I’m way too broke to afford a lawyer, particularly for what I imagine would result in nothing more than a moral victory.

  • Beowulf

    I think this is the right step to take MaryAnn.

    Shame, shame, shame (if she’s capable of being shamed!)

    By the way, how old is this thief? I only ask because so many of my students until I retired seemed to think copying anything off the Internet, from any site, was “okay.”

    I hate to be “mean” to you, but you may be from the last generation that knows this sort of thing is intellectual theft.

  • Bluejay

    Have you considered at least contacting St. Martin’s Press and giving them the link to this post?

  • I tweeted at them about this.

  • She’s old enough to be Quentin Tarantino’s girlfriend, to have a book deal at St. Martin’s, and a long list of credits in the horror press.

    She’s not a child.

  • The Zed Word

    Very troubling. Either Lianne is plagiarizing or someone is ghost-writing her site and plagiarizing. Either way, none of this looks good at all.

  • L

    I’m of her generation and I know what plagiarism is because I went to school. She has a degree from University of Toronto and knows damn well what she did. Lazy and arrogant.

  • Robert Hubbard

    “Mistake” she calls it. Bullshit… Since she’s dating Tarantino, she’ll probably claim that she was merely ‘repurposing’ said material as a way of paying homage to the original writers.

    I’d really be curious to see if that book deal goes through… if so, you and several other people may want to pool resources and hire an attorney.

  • Camie

    I used to follow her until she started acting as if her shit didn’t stink around awards season, so color me unsurprised by this latest news. I’m so very sorry this happened to you. I unfollowerd her but I’m following you stat, love how you write.

  • Will

    Jesus, it’s just a review. Not something that’s at all important. I’d understand if it was a book, or something similar. But not a review.

  • Bob

    It’s the principle of the the thing, Will. Someone prepared to rip off another person’s film review is unlikely to hesitate at ripping off a more substantial piece of work-if they think they can get away with it. Naming and shaming on-line might be one way of trying to nip this in the bud.

  • Are you serious? This is my work she stole and passed off as her own. And I am far from the only one she stole from. She has built a career on the words of other writers. She has a book deal because St Martin’s Press thought she was a good enough writer for that.

    You cannot imagine how furious I am.

    Not at all important? I give away my work for the Web to enjoy, and someone else uses that to make money! Not at all important!

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. None.

  • lescarr

    Aaaaand she’s deleted the offending page.

  • Timothy Hippocrit

    Tim Lucas says it’ll all blow over soon MaryAnn. No need to be furious about it. Tim says because she’s beautiful, young and athletic this is pretty much sour grapes from everyone else. Tim says she’s the victim in this scenario and there’s a good chance you’re to blame MaryAnn for even complaining about her. Just let her move on with her life MaryAnn. She tweeted a sorry. What more do you need? Now as her FB pages says, she needs to find an agent quickly. At least she’ll always have Mr Lucas and any other elderly horror writers whose wives aren’t beautiful, young and athletic.

  • Annie Riordan

    “Just” a review? With all due respect sir, you can “just” shove that dismissive attitude up your ass. I don’t spend hours researching and crafting a review just so some talentless mannequin can lift it en masse and cash in on MY hard work. If someone is “just” going to plagiarize me, then I don’t suppose they’ll mind when I “just” shove their own head up their anus.

  • BookGuy

    FYI: Her editor at St. Martins is brendan.deneen@stmartins.com – I’m sure he’d appreciate hearing from you.

  • It’s my fault for writing something so good she was tempted to steal it, and couldn’t stop herself.

  • How do you know that?

  • Frank

    She knew what she was doing. She’s not stupid. She just never thought she would get caught. When she did get caught she tried to blame her assistant for it. It’s a problem. Her book publisher really should think twice about this book deal they gave her. I’m sure it’s a complete cut and paste job with an introduction by Quentin Tarantino…which is the only reason this book was even greenlit. It’s just a vehicle for her and she’s a hack. If you’ll steal the work of broke writers, then sell it and lie to cover it, you’ll do anything. Not good.

  • Tim

    The sick part of this is she really doesn’t care. She never wanted to be a horror writer. She wants to be famous. She just got a hosting gig. The horror writing was simply her entry point. Through that she contacted Tarantino on FB who helped and advised her. He’s not a stupid man. I’m sure what ever she’s doing to stay at his side and at his house he can find from someone who isn’t a blatant con.

  • Trevor

    No one is ghostwriting Lianne’s site. Lianne writes it herself. The young lady she hired to be her intern ( and fall guy) just started on June 19th or after and really never even started. Lianne tried to originally blame her (thus the part in her apology about people she’s “wronged”) but in her haste she forgot that she had tweeted when the intern started and the articles Lianne sold that were plagarized were written and turned in before Raven even started. It’s a mess. These publications and sites should seek action to have the money they paid her returned.

  • MG

    I wonder if the publications who paid her for her “work” can request their money back? Some writing contracts say that all of the work you turn in must be your own. If she signed anything like that for any publications or sites, then they can take action against her to get her money back. I’m sure there are writers with actual thoughts and opinions and talent for writing who could use those funds she received by passing their work off as her own.

    Also, if Paula Deen’s publisher cancelled her book for using an ugly word, St. Martin’s can cancel Lianne’s book for stealing other writer’ works and passing it off as her own. I”m sure the horror community can find a more worthy spokesperson. Someone who is honest and passionate about the genre. Not someone who will throw innocent people under the bus and use her “affiliations” with someone famous to score gigs and then use other ppl’s work to profit from those gigs. This behavior is really disturbing.

  • Sam

    What she has done is really gross on so many levels. First, profited off of the words and thoughts of writers who make practically no money. These writers are fueled by their passion for film and she commands rates for her writing because she is affiliated with a famous director. Fine. It would okay if she used Tarantino in this manner to simply shine a light on her original work. But she is cutting and pasting other people work and not only passing it as her own but making money from it from multiple sources. She’s been running a con. Then she tried to throw her intern under the bus by saying her intern did it. When the poor girl was only the intern for a few short weeks and all of these articles came out before she even started. Fearnet has already taken all of Lianne’s articles down. I wonder if more will follow?

  • And she won’t suffer any consequences. This will just put her name more in the spotlight.

    Being an ethical person simply does not pay. Not literally, not figuratively.

  • Kevin

    These publications should get the money they paid Lianne back and give
    it to the writers whose work she stole and sold as her own. For each
    piece she stole, that writer should get part of the paycheck and a link
    to their blog. It’s the fair thing to do. Some of these guys live for
    bylines, web traffic and pennies. Someone shouldn’t swoop in and steal
    from them. They should all be offered gigs at the publications Lianne’s
    stole and sold their works to. Who does something like that over and
    over again… that seems like the act of a disturbed individual.

  • Michele

    I’m a day late but no less pissed off. I can’t believe she thought she could get away with this. I too write film reviews and news for free for a site because I love the horror genre and film in general. That she did this…it’s a slap in the face to real women in horror. All she did was prove to the guys in the good ol’ boys club that chicks can only get ahead with their goodies. Based on her twitter feed, she obviously doesn’t care at all. She’ll continue to get work and get paid and it won’t matter one god damn in six months that she stole someone’s work. Wouldn’t be surprised if she did it again.

  • Claire

    You right Michele. She’s locked her Twitter feed now… lol…she’s probably reading these posts.

  • LaSargenta

    Until this mess, I hadn’t heard of Tim Lucas (nor Liane S.). But, I now know he is a prime asshole.

  • LaSargenta

    This is so nasty. I’ve never heard of this “writer” before … but, I never was a big horror fan/reader. Well, now I have, and for all the wrong reasons. I know how you work at your writing, she’s got to do the same thing. Otherwise, all she can be is a parasite.

  • Kathy

    She’s taken down her blog, changed her Twitter handle and basically is trying to erase all evidence of Lianne Spiderbaby’s existence. i wonder if she will leave the horror community completely and act like she was never a horror writer? Strange reaction from this girl who claimed to be so passionate about horror films.

  • bunnienose

    which makes me wonder about her college work too. I wouldn’t be surprised if the plagiarism started much earlier. What is the penalty for a graduate whose college work also involved plagiarism? Losing your degree?

  • Anonymous

    She is a Canadian citizen in the US on a work Visa. She got this work visa due to plagiarizing off people. If she has stolen from you, you may want to alert the relevant US officials that she fraud-ed her way into employment, and into the US. This may make her work visa and entry into the US permanently revoked. You should also alert her book publisher and lobby her book deal to be revoked. Don’t give up. Plagiarism is wrong and what she did is inexcusable.

  • Carl

    It would be nice if she paid back the monies paid to her by magazines and those funds
    were distributed amongst the writers she stole from. Also, would be
    nice if St. Martin’s Press took her advance back and cancelled the book.
    Also, we have enough dishonest ppl in the country already, can the US
    ship her back to Canada please?

  • Vic

    This is so interesting because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal until I noticed how much effort she’s going through to scrub her social media clean. She tookher blogs offline, purged her twitter completely and ditched her FB pages. This chick is crazytown.

  • SD

    Something is wrong with her. She likes to talk a lot about how ppl supposedly stalk her and she plays the victim. And now has a picture of the front of a home on her Twitter feed. So when someone finds out where that is (and I can tell you it looks like Hollywood Hills because I live nearby) and some crazy hater or QT fan or someone who thinks she’s an idiot shows up then she’s going to start up with the “someone is stalking me” bit. So take down pictures of ppl’s private homes, Lianne. Go take a writing class or go to Journalism school. Stealing is not an option. You aren’t famous enough to pay all the lawsuits.

  • Why did you think it wasn’t a big deal?

    Has anyone ever stolen your work and profited from it?

  • David Pace-Bonello

    I’m so sorry this happened to you MaryAnn.

  • Beef

    That is an excellent idea. If her work visa is predicated on a lie than it should be revoked.

  • yesyesyall

    I actually went to the same school as she did (and later worked as a TA there while I was getting my Masters). Though I can’t say exactly what her experience was like, I can say that U of T has a strong stance against plagiarism, and has a lot of preventative measures put in place to prevent it (they use programs that search essays for plagiarism and often conduct seminars teaching students how to properly cite their work so people know exactly what they’re doing). Having been there, I can’t imagine that she could have gotten away with plagiarism while at U of T – which makes all of this so much sadder. She knew exactly what she was doing, and did it anyway.

  • Vic

    I didn’t think it was a big deal at first because I thought it was just one piece. But this crazy chick ripped off a TON of stuff and passed it off as hers.

  • Bill Hicks

    The problem with plagiarists like Lianne Spiderbaby is that they’re never sorry when they get caught. They’re only sorry that they DID get caught. So when she was caught, she just went into “hibernate” mode. You know, delete online presence, ask people to stop writing about it, rally her defenders, claim she’s stepping back, etc …. Then — she’ll just reappear in a short while, book deal intact, and pick up where she left off. Totally remorseless, just like Jonah Lehrer. And like Lehrer, the only response is to shun these phonies. Because they refuse to take responsibility, and are likely incapable of taking responsibility, we must MAKE them accountable. And that means …. boycott. Boycott and spread the message. Because they refuse to account for their actions, we must MAKE them account. Their “careers”, must be terminated.

  • lizalegless

    I loved “Turn me On, Dammit” and would have missed your excellent writing on it, if this high profile flame-out had not brought your work to my attention. Small silver lining?

  • There is no such thing as a one-time plagiarist.

  • If this brings me some extra attention… well, this isn’t the way I would have wanted that to happen. :-(

  • LaSargenta

    Just wondering, and I’m sure this isn’t what you’d normally consider useful publicity, but has *anything* positive come out of this for you as far as interest in your work from a previously-untapped/unconnected corner of media? I sure wish it would.

  • lizalegless

    Definitely frown-town. Shame on that yacht cavorting, pilfering climber! Unfortunately these days it seems impossible to shame anyone.

  • Bluejay

    Stealing is wrong, whether it’s one piece or a hundred. I hope you’re not saying that if Lianne Spiderbaby had plagiarized MaryAnn’s piece and nothing else, you would have been okay with it.

  • So far, no. Nothing positive.

  • Pissed-Off Writer
  • Super Amanda

    Hear me out please. Lianne apologized and should be forgiven. Mary, you have every right to be angry. You are a great writer and this was huge error on Lianne’s part but I ask you as a fellow more mature person, is it unforgivable? And has it not become over the top when you are getting into non sequiters such her private life and people are pulling out comparisons to Paul Deen? And while she may not be a teenager she is still on the younger side. If any of you here eviscerating Lianne led perfect lives in your late 20s let me know. I abhor plagiarism especially people like Madonna who has grossed billions off of not simply ripping off famous names but underground artists and poorer people and artists of colour who cannot afford to sue. (How many of you are Madonna fans?) I also abhor witch hunts regardless of how niche they may be. I don’t know Lianne personally, I do know of her work with interviewing many of the great forgotten actresses of underground/exploitation cinema which is the focus of her upcoming Grindhouse Girls Book. I also know that she donated time and money to the San Diego Zoo for Rhino conservation and is very courteous online. I hope you can come to a resolution with her personally.

  • Super Amanda

    I think it could if she publicly apologizes to you. I hope she does and you both come to a resolution.

  • Michael Brooke

    MaryAnn, you have every sympathy from me. I still remember the first time I caught someone plagiarising my own work – it must have been a decade ago, but I remember it as if it were yesterday.

    In this case, I don’t think he profited from it financially, and his editor (who was as appalled as I was) took the piece down as soon as he’d seen my evidence. Helpfully, the plagiarist made the case against him completely watertight by posting an approving comment under my original piece, datestamped a few days BEFORE he submitted it to another website as his own work. Would that all similar cases were as straightforwardly open and shut.

  • LaSargenta

    If any of you here eviscerating Lianne led perfect lives in your late 20s let me know.

    Talk about a non sequitur…no one is “perfect”; but, there is a wide gulf between not-perfect and thief. I knew better than to plagiarise when I was in high school. We where taught how to take notes for research and track from where we pulled quotations when I was in 7th grade.

  • Awardsdaily

    She didn’t make a mistake. She did something pretty bad here. She needs to accept the consequences and not hide behind the “she is young” excuse. If she were my daughter she would be in big trouble. She took the text line for line, copied the whole review then just added her own flavors here or there. Best she be stopped now.

  • Super Amanda

    It is germane if people are bringing in all kinds of extraneous BS. Agreed on your second point. My feeling is that because Lianne issued a clear apology with no excuses that she should be forgiven. Mary is a great writer and should not have her name attached to drama and recrimination.

  • Megh Vaughan

    My husband and I both work for a film magazine that concentrates on horror, exploitation and the like (can’t say which one[s]). I’m sorry you had your most precious of things stolen from you, your writing, your research, your hard work. Please send me a PM or contact me on Facebook. I can make no promises, but perhaps there is something we can do for you, give you a positive.

  • Megh Vaughan

    Amanda, I don’t know if you have any children, but our work is like our children. If you had one of your children stolen from you, how would you feel about it? How easily would you forgive the person who stole your child? Would it be easier if they enrolled your child in school, then told everyone he/she was theirs? What if they accepted awards for great parenting of the child they stole from you? The money Lianne gave to that charity was earned in part by Mary Ann’s work, and yet you give no credit to her. That’s not very charitable.

  • Stranger things have happened. For ex., Jonathan Bailey, a New Orleans writer, launched plagiarismtoday.com after discovering in 2005 he was being widely filched online. Personally, I’m pulling for MaryAnn to ultimately be invited to contribute a chapter to Lianne’s new book.

  • Danielm80

    This is not a witch hunt. Lianne Spiderbaby plagiarized other writers, repeatedly. It’s very clear that she made a profit from other people’s work. She’s apologized for the theft, in a way that you consider courteous, but she hasn’t made up for the harm that she’s done. She hasn’t offered to pay the writers for their efforts, and she hasn’t withdrawn her book contract. Until she does that, or makes some sort of actual reparation, there’s no evidence that her apology was sincere. There have been a few personal attacks against her–though not many of them appeared on this site–but most of the criticism was entirely legitimate. She may be polite, and she may be kind to animals, but what she did was wrong and, quite possibly, prosecutable in a court of law.

  • LaSargenta

    I have reread the comments and, mostly, think the things brought up are germane. The remark about Paula Deen wasn’t comparing the two, it was saying “if Deen loses a contract due to x, then Spiderbaby should certainly lose a contract due to Y”. Personally, I think writing contracts should be lost by people who are proven plagiarizers. Just like I wouldn’t want to hire a known bank thief as a teller.

    I don’t see people here being nasty about her being female or blonde or any other ‘typical catty’ comment that might be broached about a woman in the public eye. [MaryAnn (note spelling of her first name, btw) wouldn’t let that slide, no matter how angry she was at someone.] There *is* mention made of her connection with Tarantino. I think that is also germane. It is access and there is a touch of, as Machiavelli put it, judgement of a person’s character based on “the people with whom he [sic] surrounds himself”. Tarantino is known for harvesting others’ ideas and work and calling it Homage.

    MaryAnn didn’t create this drama. She is calling attention to a problem.

    And, really, it is completely irrelevant that Spiderbaby donates time and money to good causes. I love the Carnegie Library buildings here in NYC; but, that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore the crimes Andrew Carnegie wrought on the workers in his companies.

  • LaSargenta

    I had to come back for this:

    And while she may not be a teenager she is still on the younger side.

    What on earth? Is ‘late 20’s’ the new 12? This bothers me enormously. There’s a lot of people I know who had to leave home as soon as they could get a GED and who worked for a living starting at 16…and managed to be ethical, not steal the toilet paper or office supplies from their jobs, not throw co-workers under the bus if something went wrong, and to perform, to earn their pay.

    Please. That’s really insulting.

  • What kind of resolution do you think is possible?

  • Super Amanda

    True and there are 28 year old MDs. Artists and writers take much longer to grow up. It was not meant to be insulting.

  • Lianne apologized and should be forgiven.

    I disagree. She does not have to be forgiven. She knew exactly what she was doing, and she did it anyway.

    I started this Web site when I was 28, a year younger than Lianne is now. I didn’t steal anybody else’s content to post here.

  • Artists and writers take much longer to grow up.


  • Super Amanda

    That’s reaching a bit Megh (actually completely inaccurate) as the run was donation/sponsor based and Quentin Tarantino’s name was not attached to it. Child metaphor is not working for me but I hear you and agree with your basic gist. I’m a mother and I have a solid following online for creative stuff which I’ve seen lifted, republished and stolen including the written word. Mary has every right to be angry my feeling is she should reach a personal resolution with Lianne because it seems the most professional thing to do.

  • LaSargenta

    My ex, and I have a lot of really nasty things I *could* say about him, certainly didn’t. He was/is an artist and a really talented one. He most certainly was grown up enough in his 20’s to be honorable about his work. Ditto for lots of other artists I know. I may work in construction, but I’ve known a LOT of artists in my life. I have no clue who you are basing this idea on.

  • Super Amanda

    Only the good ones! I’m on the side of not diving into unbecoming , senseless drama. You have every right to be mad. I think it would be far better to seek a graceful resolution off this thread away from drama mongers who have lost the original reason you are angry than self label yourself in all perpetuity as a Quentin Tarantino footnote. You are too talented for that.

  • Super Amanda

    I’m basing on the fact that endless threads and blogisphere wars won’t remedy this great writer’s situation.

  • Danielm80

    Now you’ve insulted artists and writers, along with people in their 20s. Please stop talking.

  • LaSargenta

    …and that’s where I stop paying attention to you. I asked you “who” you answer “what”. You seem awfully invested in creating something…not sure what that something is…weird, backhanded flattery of MAJ notwithstanding…

  • Super Amanda

    And I respect your opinion. It is certainly not one to argue against. I hope personally you two can come to a resolution and you feel wholly satisfied.

  • Super Amanda

    You’ll survive faceless, anon person.

  • Super Amanda

    Based on many great writers many of whom are /were immature assholes or killed themselves. That’s Dickens, Nabokov, Spaulding Gray, Ernst Hemingway, JD Salinger etc Edison was the biggest rip off artist of all time after talentless Madonna. Both assholes.

  • Super Amanda

    It isn’t irrelevant. This is someone who is intrinsically I feel , a decent and kind human being who made a very stupid bad choice, not a valueless airhead. Peace to all.

  • Danielm80

    If Lianne Spiderbaby really wants to “come to a resolution,” she can pay the writers for the work that she plagiarized.

    I admire your desire to forgive her. I really do. But if other writers learn that they can plagiarize work and still make a profit, then forgiveness ceases to be a virtue.

  • MovieViewerMan

    Shouldn’t her tweet read, “I am leaving plagiarism behind for awhile”?

  • GeeksAreMyPeeps

    So Lianne has proven she’s a great artist because she’s not mature enough not to steal others’ work? What the fuck universe did you come from?

  • Capital_7

    “I’m so sorry you caught me stealing. I ask that you allow me to slink away unpunished.” Don’t let this die out.

  • Capital_7

    I cannot believe anyone would try to intervene on behalf of this thief. Super Amanda makes my blood boil with her rambling, word salad defense of this Spider Egg.

  • Capital_7

    Your Madonna obsession is wearying.

  • cryptic1978

    Any word from FEARnet? I’m the Editor-in-Chief of High-Def Digest, another site that was plagiarized, and so far I’ve heard nothing from them about this.

  • halfmoonsevenstars

    Excuse me? I’m in my late 20s and I work in publishing. Half my fucking job is fact-checking, because plagiarism is wrong. I’ve known that since I was a child. It’s not for you to dictate when or if MaryAnn forgives Liane–she’s perfectly within her rights never to do so.

  • Super Amanda

    Because I’m correct.

  • halfmoonsevenstars

    Wrong. Decent and kind human beings do not steal the hard work of others, especially not repeatedly. That is not a “stupid bad choice.” It’s a shitty series of choices by a shitty, amoral jerk. This isn’t Jean Valjean taking a loaf of bread to feed his sister’s starving children, for chrissakes, so stop behaving like there’s some nobility in Liane’s plagiarism. This is a woman who is perfectly capable of coming up with her own content and who was just too goddamn lazy to bother with it.

  • Super Amanda

    No , I think the majority of the people in the arts be they talentless, talented etc are self indulgent or they usually are not interesting. I was not speaking about her specifically but the fact she is on the younger side. The work she’s published that is her own and her pod casts I think are brilliant.

  • Super Amanda

    And is laziness a reason to pillory someone? And because of this, her entire LIFE is now effectively invalidated? I understand this Horror writing/film writing world is small and underpaid and I’m NOT DEFENDING WHAT SHE DID AS NOBLE. PLEASE GET THAT.

  • Super Amanda

    Other writers learned that centuries ago, that’s the problem! Dave Lowrey has been covering this on his blog with file sharing and spotify…ANYONE HERE USE SPOTIFY?

  • Super Amanda

    Sure Capital_7 because you’ve paid for every file and song on your Ipod, never use Spotify or Pandora.

  • Super Amanda

    Of course she is and I’m not dictating anything. I’m sure you and your friends in publishing have paid for every song on your Ipod as well?

  • FormerlyKnownAsBill

    what a waste of a pretty fucking awesome name.

  • halfmoonsevenstars

    Why are you so hell-bent on getting everyone to agree with you that Lianne Spiderbaby is really just a nice person who tripped and fell into the copy-and-paste button? Do you get your kicks playing devil’s advocate, or are you actually just Lianne’s sockpuppet? You do realize that her laziness wasn’t harmless, right?

  • halfmoonsevenstars

    Aw, your straw man is so cute. Can you make me one for my very own to keep and to have and to hold?

  • Super Amanda

    Not at all unless you’re a sanctimonious hypocrite who rips off the work of others. This is about artists being stolen from and not getting paid, correct?

  • loomis

    The sick part of all this is that Spiderbaby was charging sites and print for her words that she stole from others. Using her fame whore to capitalize because she’s in Tarantino’s bed. Users like that deserve the embarrassment. Typical for the industry. Looks and no talent.

  • Super Amanda

    Ad hominem is unnecessary. The original message of artists being paid for their work which I fully support has become garbled into “deportation” and personal jibes about appearance-perhaps not on here but on the site this links from.

  • GeeksAreMyPeeps

    “My feeling is that because Lianne issued a clear apology with no excuses that she should be forgiven.”
    That’s not your decision to make if it wasn’t your work that was stolen

  • GeeksAreMyPeeps

    Her *entire* life? No. Her *professional* life? It puts everything she’s done in the field in question, yes.

  • Chris

    This isn’t about downloading an MP3. Plagiarism is NOT piracy. “I stole this song to listen to it” is an entirely separate thing from “I stole someone’s work, then presented it as my own to make money.” Both wrong? Yeah, sure. But they are completely different and, in my opinion, plagiarism is a hundred times worse. At least when you steal a song, you’re listening to their song. Generating your interest in the band, perhaps your friends’ interest. Maybe leading to concert tickets (which are actually where artists make the vast majority of their money). Is that an excuse? Not really. It’s still theft. But someone who plagiarizes is committing the worst sin an artist can make, and is stepping on the faces of their fellow artists to do it. Not only are they spitting on the public, but they’re spitting on artists and their art itself. I don’t think she should be lynched, but I’m sorry, this level of plagiarism from someone of this high profile is completely unacceptable. This is going to follow her career forever, and SHOULD. She didn’t make one mistake because of a deadline. This is her MO, and has been for some time.

  • Super Amanda

    I meant en masse not by MaryAnn herself. It was a suggestion. As I read more as I came late to this I understand a bit clearer why there is a lot of anger but anger on the internet is just not worth it. It is very stressful and destructive and won’t bring this talented writer her true due.

  • Super Amanda

    I have gone through one very similar internet clash and I dissuade all from going down that road. As a fellow expat myself-married to a cockney no less who are hugely loyal- I’d like to see more acknowledgement of the fact you have had your work lifted multiple times and the fact you are one of the first bloggers-ever. Hopefully in a UK paper? Your work is important. I just read a few minutes ago your well written piece about your unproductive conversation via FB. I had no idea until just now or I would have phrased things differently. I think you should be given time in an biographical way not in a “LSB wronged her way”. It is not for me to talk legalities so I won’t. But I do hope this facilitates you getting attention you more than deserve for your work in an ultimately positive way. Just trying to be positive. Here is some Dr. Who Toile. Thanks for listening, . http://www.thinkgeek.com/blog/2012/09/stand-back-linkdump-in-progres.html

  • No one is saying her “entire life” is “invalidated.”

    But she should not work in anything related to journalism ever again. No plagiarist should. Unfortunately, we see all the time that rock-solid, incontrovertible evidence that a writer *is* a plagiarist is no deterrent to a career as a writer.

  • Only the good ones!


  • amanohyo

    Please be careful… I agree with your first sentence. I don’t know enough about the situation to know if the second is true. I’m iffy on the third and fourth (of what industry are you speaking?). And the last phrase is the lip of a slippery slope that terminates in a painfully familiar diatribe against hot chicks sleeping their way to the top.

    I realize that you probably didn’t mean it in that way, and you are correct to note that there are many men and women who skate by primarily on appearance in all walks of life. That said, we should take care not to generalize her behavior too specifically. The best we can do is make the broader observation that plagiarism, and respect for intellectual property in general, is a growing problem for everyone, attractive and unattractive, both inside and outside of “the industry.” As a former teacher, I can tell you that it starts at a very young age.

    Why aren’t children taught to respect intellectual property in the same way that they are taught to respect (often to the point of idolatry) physical property? We have built a meme-generating, cut and paste culture in which a very small amount of actual intellectual content is ripped apart, reblogged, tweeted, altered, remixed, posted, and repasted like a feeding frenzy of vomiting sharks. There are a few people who take the time to acknowledge their sources, but the internet was not built in a way that makes this easy or obvious. The solution must be three pronged:

    1) Short term. Shame those who plagiarize. This is insufficient on its own as MA points out. Typically, those who are shamed suffer only minor setbacks to their careers if any at all. Fareed Zakaria comes to mind, but there are countless other examples.

    2) Long term. Teach young children to respect intellectual property. I know many teachers who plagiarize their teaching materials and lesson plans and who don’t take the time to check to see if their students are cutting and pasting their essays. Many of these teachers illegally download movies, games, and songs at home. They should be respected for taking on a difficult profession, but in the information age, we should teach children to value information and those who labor to produce it. Almost half of my AP level students plagiarized large sections of their final essays. I presented a lesson about theft and gave them all zeroes (many parents were upset as this dropped most of them a letter grade for the semester). That was ten years ago, before smartphones were prevalent – I imagine the situation is much worse now.

    3) Mid to long term. There needs to be a way to encode a digital “signature” to print material on the web – a kind of watermark for text. Until this is implemented, lazy people will continue to plagiarize. The process of acknowledging and linking back to the source is presently far too cumbersome to be sustainable. This is not meant to excuse this or any other particular instance of outright theft, and of course determined thieves will always find a way, but it’s just too easy to steal under the current system. Is there a way to implement DRM without significantly harming the quality of the content? That’s something people will need to figure out. Along with the development of a print watermark, there needs to be a well established, well publicized, simple method to easily file charges against intellectual thieves. Under the current system, only the wealthy have the time and resources to pursue effective legal action.

    I don’t see any possible way to prevent more instances of this type of theft until all three of these suggestions are implemented in some way. Part 1) is easy – it’s what we’re doing now. 2) requires change on a social level, which is more difficult but manageable. 3) requires change on a political and economic/technological level which is almost impossible unless 1) and 2) are already well established. It’s going to be a long process, but we’ll get there eventually. It will start in isolated ecosystems because it’s in Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple’s best interest that user generated content be monetized as efficiently and pleasantly as possible. The real question is how quickly and to what extent would this new culture of intellectual respect will spread from these highly-regulated subsections to the broader internet.

  • What amanohyo said.

  • PJK

    Your Bleeding Cool piece seems to have disappeared. The link doesn’t work (goes to a page not found) and searching on their site doesn’t give me anything either (basically all their links to your article lead to a Page Not Found error page).

    I guess someone asked them to take the article down?

  • Jake Bullit

    But wait a goddam minute..

    – doesn’t Tarantino himself plagiarize other movies himself and is regularly accused of plagiarism?

    Dogs and Pulp stole dialogue from other movies and countless others..

    It makes me laugh. Ironic nobody talks about that because he is what oh yeah so called “cool”. Stupid people. Maybe plagiarism lives in that family.

  • GeeksAreMyPeeps
  • RogerBW

    That news headline: because the most important thing about a woman is the man she’s sleeping with.

  • LaSargenta

    Yeah, but, as I mentioned in one of my comments [ https://www.flickfilosopher.com/2013/07/lianne-spiderbaby-plagiarized-my-review-of-turn-me-on-dammit.html#comment-963568243 ], her *connection* with Tarantino is relevant since he’s also a plagiarist. He just calls it Homage.

    (I also find the word order amusing in the Toronto headline. It makes it seem like he’s got lovers in several major cities and this one needs to be identified as the one in Toronto.)

  • opinion8

    Irrelevant. Now, if they took the songs and re-sold them as their own, you have a parallel. Getting paid for someone else’s work is a totally different matter. And they probably just pirated song from rich artists. Music is free, baby. My opinions are my own ;-)

  • kat

    I am five years younger than Lianne and am currently working on my master’s thesis. So far I have somehow managed to avoid plagiarizing anyone for it. And two years ago when I was working as a freelance music writer? Didn’t plagiarize anyone for my articles then either.

    Plagiarism is laziness, pure and simple. And before you bring up the mp3 argument, yes I do pay for all my music and no, I don’t use Spotify or Pandora as those services aren’t available up here.

    You say Lianne apologized and therefore should be forgiven. Does an apology still count if she’s deleted all traces of it from her twitter feed? A person can be a very sweet and courteous person and still do some very dumb things. And yes, when those dumb things impact other people like MaryAnn, I do believe the person responsible for them should be taken to task, regardless of how nice they are.

  • Jurgan

    (TW: rape analogy)

    Yeah, it’s your own fault for leaving your writing all exposed like that. We know you like to just give it away for free all the time, so you can’t blame someone for taking it.

  • Jurgan

    Tangential, but don’t trivialize the Paula Deen story by saying it was just “using an ugly word.” The problems with her went a lot deeper, including alleged years of harassment at restaurants she owns.

  • Jurgan

    He has a name. Just because he doesn’t have a cleavage-baring avatar doesn’t make him anonymous.

  • LaSargenta

    He also has a long history at this site, predating Discus.

  • Super Scout

    Everyone should ignore Super Amanda. She is a LOON fan of Lady Gaga. She attacks Madonna all over the web as a plagiarist. Of course, Lady Gaga is a known and caught plagiarist, thieving from Madonna and other artists on a habitual basis.

  • LaSargenta

    Actually, yes, laziness is a reason to pillory someone IF that laziness led — as it did in this case — to theft.

  • BrianJKelly

    “Oh, and also, it’s clear that this only matters because of who her boyfriend is.”

    Well, yes, and the fact that people are more likely to click on a headline with Tarantino’s name in it than hers or yours. Ah, journalism.

  • David N-T

    ” And while she may not be a teenager she is still on the younger side.”

    She’s an adult, so there is a notion of responsibility here that you wouldn’t impose on a child.

    ” If any of you here eviscerating Lianne led perfect lives in your late 20s let me know.”

    Perfection is not required to criticise. By the way, I do hope that you noticed that if it were required, that also means that you shouldn’t criticize others as well, something that you seem all too willing to do.

    ” I also abhor witch hunts regardless of how niche they may be.”

    This is not a witch hunt: the only being accused here is Lianne MacDougall and she is not being pressured to implicate others.

    “I also know that she donated time and money to the San Diego Zoo for Rhino conservation and is very courteous online.”

    All irrelevant regarding her act of plagiarism.

    Everything else you wrote subsequently is an evasive non-answer and accusing of others.

  • butterfield

    As for the headline…what you don’t realize is that Toronto is such a pretentious shithole that ANY connection to it is what is always featured in a headline in that rag.

  • LaSargenta

    There is no ad hominem here. Suggesting deportation for getting employment under false pretenses is not ad hominem.

  • Neill Gaines

    Looks like even the comment thread has been deleted to cover up traces on Bleeding Cool’s end of things.

  • Danielm80

    Plagiarism is laziness, pure and simple.

    I disagree. Plagiarism isn’t just laziness. It’s also theft, and a form of lying. In fact, she’s probably committed a whole host of sins here. If you’re one of the authors she plagiarized, or one of the publishers who signed a contract with her, then it’s not at all pure or simple.

    Other than that, everything you said was right on target.

  • kat

    My apologies. I was trying to be as succinct as possible because anyone trying to excuse wrongdoings by claiming someone is too young to really know any better sends my eye a-twitching and I didn’t want to end up writing a whole venomous essay on just how wrong that excuse is.

    But you are correct. To me, the root of plagiarism is laziness but at its core, it is theft and deception; theft to those who’s work she took without credit and deception to all the publishers and editors she worked with, as well as the audiences of those pieces, who believed the work they were reading or watching was Lianne’s. I didn’t mean to trivialize what she did in any way and I do believe she should be made to take full responsibilities for her actions.

  • Danielm80

    I didn’t mean to trivialize what she did in any way

    I knew exactly what you meant. No apology necessary. I just thought the venomous essay was worth writing, because my eye has been a-twitching since yesterday.

  • bronxbee

    as both an artist and a writer, and a person whose friends are mostly creative people, i really resent that remark. what sort of empirical evidence do you have for such a statement?

  • kat

    Unfortunately when I’m getting well and truly venomous, I rarely manage to stay articulate and usually resort to banging my head off the keyword… which I didn’t really think anyone on here needed to see. I think I’m just having a bad week for people handwaving responsibility for saying/doing things that most people know are wrong, because the person in question “was a nice person who really didn’t know any better”

  • Robert H.

    Bleeding Cool has purged your story.

  • SG

    Amanda, you’re drinking the kool aid because you think she’s really dating someone famous. Let me explain something to you, like everything else in this girl’s life….her online persona was not real.. For example, yes she made a big display about running for the San Diego Zoo for Rhino conservation race and collecting money for it but she never actually ran the race. She’s a web of lives. She puts out an image but its really a whole other person. Don’t drink the koolaid based on lies she tweeted about herself.

  • anne

    Where has your story on Bleeding Cool gone?

  • Daisy

    Meta-ethical super troll.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    As much as we love MaryAnn, outside of the Tarantino connection, this is a “dog bites man” story: “Unknown Internet Film Journalist Plagiarizes Other Internet Journalists”. Mentioning the connection gives the average reader a reason read past the headline.

  • Daigoro Ogami

    Is English your second language? Jesus.

  • Daigoro Ogami


  • Daigoro Ogami

    “No one is ghostwriting Lianne’s site. Lianne writes it herself.”

    Allegedly. Who knows what she has actually written herself, as opposed to stolen.

  • Daigoro Ogami

    That’s probably the best way to pursue legal action – sort of like a class action suit. Any lawyers here to offer free advice?

  • RogerBW

    (I’m not a lawyer; I play one on the Internet.)


  • Super Amanda

    Haha stalker, following me everywhere. I’m not a lady Gaga Fan. She’s a plagiarist of a plagiarist. Go back to your 20 fake examiner accounts.

  • Daigoro Ogami

    Tarantino may or may not be a stupid man (the jury’s still out on that one), but he seems like the sort of person who loves being surrounded by sycophants, especially pretty ones who flatter his bloated ego.

  • Super Amanda

    She never ran the race? Really? :0 Well, at least my money went to the zoo!

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I’m on the side of not diving into unbecoming , senseless drama.

    Really? That would explain why you’ve spent the last 24 hours scolding everyone to just leave Spiderbaby alone?

  • Super Amanda

    I had not read MaryAnn’s first statement vis a vis the unproductive talk they had. I abhor plagiarism.

  • Super Amanda

    I came to things a bit late and more has become illuminated to me today. It is disappointing to say the least but I don’t feel she deserves her life and career destroyed over it.

  • Super Amanda

    That’s NOT what I implied at all. Please don’t put words in my mouth. I said the anger is pointless and it is. You can name and shame far more effectively that many of these bloggers-save MaryAnn-have been doing. Her’s is the only voice that resonates.

  • Daigoro Ogami

    If you like that name it’s probably available now.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I can only assume you don’t know what “imply” means.

  • Daigoro Ogami

    We don’t know for sure if she has no talent. Maybe she gives killer blowjobs?

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    You know, you’re really not helping.

  • Super Amanda

    Sorry luv, my opinion. This is NOT related to LSB but the best artists stand out and capture the imagination of the reader and viewer because they are nuts, brave and wild as hell in what they do not because they are safe, responsible. That’s why Harold Robbins was not an artist but Salinger was. Why Ken Russell was a superior artist and John Hughes was film a director. Elgar was an artist and Strauss was just an Nazi taking orders who could compose. Richard Corliss is a boring pile of BS while Roger Ebert wrote Beyond The valley of The Dolls. Paul Robeson was a great artist while Sammy Davis Jr was a follower and a shill.

  • Super Amanda


  • Daigoro Ogami

    Sorry. It just pisses me off when fame whores lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead in life while people with actual talent are often ignored.

  • Super Amanda

    Really? Then you must HATE illegals from Latin america with equal fervor too because many are in the States under far more serious FALSE pretenses or via theft and stolen written word. Over the top on Lianne but you’d never go after an illegal Mexican would you? Neither I feel should be deported that’s going too far. But many here seemed determine to take this into witch hunt/INS mode. It won’t help MaryAnn in the slightest but keep pretending.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I get that, but do you think maybe you could make the point without the slut shaming?

  • LaSargenta

    I was explaining how a particular suggestion wasn’t, in fact, ad hominem. I wasn’t stating a favorable or unfavorable opinion about deportation.

    This thread is not the place to either argue against or agree with what you’ve now written. That would be defined as off-topic.

  • kat

    Other people are not destroying her career. Lianne did when she chose to plagiarize other people’s work and pass it off as her own. The responsibility for that lies entirely on her.

  • Super Scout

    Okay, you’re not the Super Amanda who was behind the Lady Gaga Project fan website. That was a different Super Amanda. You are the anti-Madonna, LOON, Super Amanda. By the way, Madonna has never been sued “successfully” for plagiarism. Stop spreading the LIES.

  • Mazurka

    Hi MaryAnn. I posted on the ImpossibleFunky forums that while I recognized what LS did was serious I’d give her a second chance because I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt and allowing them to redeem themselves. As I learn more about this situation though, my stance is changing. While I maintain hope she will become a better person, professionally I don’t see how any publication would want anything to do with her again. I wanted to apologize if my comment undermined you and the others who were ripped off. My stance about giving the people whose work she plagiarized a first chance hasn’t changed- I dig your blog and look forward to reading more.

  • Alan Parker

    I know for a fact that she ran the race. I know Lianne through some convention connections and she is a legit good person, an athlete, and ran the race. Stealing other peoples writing is BS though, and a sign of immaturity. She feels shame and she deserves it, but she is a good person.

  • singlestick

    This story recent got coverage in the LA Times and elsewhere. So, it’s not just a little story or a “who cares” story. Plagiarism is not something that professionals do. I am glad that this story has garnered a fair amount of attention. And clearly, MaryAnn was not the only critic whose work was appropriated, which kinda weakens the case for Lianne Spiderbaby being given a second chance. And Kudos to the people at Impossible Funky for providing the details.

  • Bluejay

    Re MaryAnn’s vanished Bleeding Cool article: CriticWire‘s post on the story links to a cached version here.

  • Leon Stansfield

    How could she run a race back on May 5, 2013 in San Diego, California, USA, when she was back home in Brampton, Ontario, Canada?

  • Mazurka

    It’s not the coverage or the other examples of plagiarism that are surfacing that made me change my mind. In my mind plagiarism is plagiarism – it doesn’t matter somebody steals from 1 person or 100, and to me an incident’s exposure doesn’t make it any more or less serious. It was Lianne’s reaction, or lack thereof. I was hoping for transparency. Even though she can’t cancel out what she did, some effort towards the people she stole from would have been nice (i.e. credit, financial compensation, an open letter). I guess I’m naive :-).

  • It’s only getting coverage because of who her boyfriend is. No one would care otherwise.

  • That’s uncalled for.

  • Super Amanda, please behave in a civil manner, or you can take yourself elsewhere.

    And quit it with the Madonna bashing. It’s waaaay off topic.

  • This is also off topic. My patience is wearing thin…

  • Jim

    Hey MaryAnn,
    What happened to your Bleeding Cool article?

  • I’m trying to find out what happened. I’m getting no response to my emails and tweets. If I hear nothing — or get an unsatisfactory response — I’ll post the piece here.

  • This is not the place for you to wage whatever campaign you’re waging. Get your own blog for that stuff and stay on topic here.

  • Which is bizarre, because they specifically commissioned it in the first place.

    I’m trying to find out what happened.

  • To whom is this directed?

  • I’m trying to find out.

  • Glen

    Her connection with Tarantino is relevant because it gave her an air of credibility that she used to hoodwink and bamboozle mags into hiring her and paying her for writing she stole and passed off as her writing.

  • Super Offtopic

    Celebrity Avengers Assemble! Wait… uh shoot… what was it again?… umm.. oh yeah! Katy Perry? More like Copy Katty Perry… Am I right? Lana Del Rey is the only original left in the industry! Madonna and Gaga are old smelly hasbeens that copy everything. Make way for a real original ladies.

  • singlestick

    RE: It’s only getting coverage because of who her boyfriend is. No one would care otherwise.

    I think this is true of the initial coverage. But it is unfair, and I think the reaction from those who care about the issue, even if it is a small bunch, is hopefully a good sign.

    And the negative reaction has seemed to cause Spiderbaby to apologize and to retreat.

  • Super Creep

    Well, well… if it isn’t my old nemesis, Super Offtopic. Why must you turn this page into a House of Madness and Lies? I shall defend the good people of this site from your lunacy. The one true original is Billie Holiday, and Lady Day shall rise from the grave and strike all her imitators dumb for their insolence! Silence! Pay no attention to the blasphemy this pathetic team of Super Defenders spews!

    P.S. Did you get the flowers I sent you on your birthday Amanda? I watered them with my tears.

  • Lawrence

    No Tarantino doesn’t plagiarize because he talks (sometimes ad nauseum) about whatever person his films pay homage to. He doesn’t act like Django wasn’t based on a spaghetti western or that Sergio Leone didn’t influence him. Lianne did the opposite. She didn’t do a homage, she copied and stole and in some cases word for word and paragraph by paragraph writers whole thoughts and opinions and styles . And then acted like she came up with it all herself and she did this for years and in her “writings” and “even in her web series. Then she had the stones to try to win awards for her writing and videos. I think the word egregious has been used and it fits.

  • That’s it. Take your crap else, Super Amanda. You are not welcome here.

  • Super Prime

    I am the Alpha and the Omega – the Being who coalesced from the ether to defend the otherworldly music of the Alien Zygote from which all your Earth songs flow. Your puny mortal singers are mere shadows of the Zygote. The Zygote also signed my boobs at Gotefest last summer. It was pretty rad.


  • I was referring to coverage in the mainstream media and the big site like Gawker. They wouldn’t be covering this absent Tarantino.

  • Jackie

    She didn’t run that marathon, Alan. It’s a fact.

  • Susan

    She didn’t run that marathon, Alan. I don’t know where you got that info but it’s false.

  • Jujube

    Bang on. I live in Toronto and this sentence captures its desperation perfectly!

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    There’s something that’s bugging me about this discussion. It has to do with Liane MacDougall’s relationship to Quentin Tarantino. There are a lot of commenters, here and elsewhere, implying (if not outright stating) that is a prostitute, trading success for willingness to have sex with Tarantino.

    Liane MacDougall’s sin is not dating Tarantino. It is not using that relationship to further her career. There is no evidence that she’s done that. And even if there was, there’s another term for utilizing one’s personal connections to further one’s career goals: networking.

    MacDougall’s only verifiable, unambiguous sin here is plagiarism. Not her sex life. Not being skinny and blonde. Not having famous connection. It’s her practice of passing other people’s work off as her own.

    (I’m also not impressed with attempts to relate MacDougall’s behavior to Tarantino’s supposed “plagiarism”. I too am over Tarantino’s schtick, but he’s a filmmaker working in a style with a long and venerable tradition. and he’s unusually good at it. And people who spend time reading and commenting on film sites should know the goddamn difference.)

    Regarding the relevance of the Tarantino connection, that article Bluejay linked to from CriticWire, entitled “Lianne Spiderbaby Plagiarism Inspires Anger, Sorrow”, begins by snarkily identifying her as:

    Liane “Spiderbaby” MacDougall, or, as mainstream news outlets have taken to calling her, “Quentin Tarantino’s girlfriend.”

    Yet, look at the URL for the article:

    http: // blogs.indiewire.com / criticwire / lianne-spiderbaby-plagiarism-horror-film-quentin-tarantino

    That’s SEO right there. And that’s the reason Tarantino matters in this story: of all the people involved in this story, his is the name that will attract readers.

  • Super Amanda

    You’re a rude cunt. I was totally polite to you.

  • Guest

    You are a rude cunt MaryAnn (meant in the East End parlance not US) . I was nothing but polite to you and supported you I just don’t believe in vendettas or cunts like you. I also mnetioned that I had no idae of the full story when I came here. Have fun with your

  • amanohyo

    *sigh* Why are you so emotionally invested in this story? What do you stand to gain if she’s exonerated? What punishment do you think she deserves? A public apology and a promise to do better? Even for a small child, that would be considered light (not to mention ineffective) punishment for theft. I know you’re feeling defensive, but what kind of reception did you expect here?

    Imagine MA has a tape of someone robbing her house. She shows her neighbors the tape and says, “look, this person robbed my house.” Some of the other neighbors say, “Yeah, she robbed me too.”

    Suddenly, a stranger from another neighborhood shows up out of the blue and proclaims “Don’t be mad at the robber… this kind of thing happens all the time. I’m sure she feels really bad about it.”

    You are that stranger. Your words are polite on the surface (er… at least they were polite), but your actions are not. Frankly, I’m shocked that MA was civil at all. Let Lianne face the music. Let her suffer a just punishment, and she might even become a better person. At the very least she’ll decide to start paying her ghostwriters like a genuine celebrity.

  • Tristan Sinns

    I think one of the more interesting (re: troubling) instances of that occurrence is with the write-up at the Inquisitr. Most other articles content themselves with a picture of Lianne and QT together; the Inquisitr just goes right for the point and has a picture of QT only.


  • Jurgan

    There’s an important distinction I make: Plagiarism/rip-off is when you’re hoping the audience won’t realize what you’re drawing from, and homage is when you’re hoping they will.

  • kat

    How do you call your posts supportive of MaryAnn? You spent most of your time insisting Lianne was really a nice person, even if that has little relevance on her plagiarism, constructing strawman arguments to devalue the points other commenters were making, claiming that because Lianne made one vague apology (which has since been deleted, thus, to me, negating any effectiveness it might have had) we should all forgive her for her trespasses against MaryAnn and the other writers she plagiarized from and generally acting like a typical whiteknight for Lianne Spiderbaby.

    And once you realized no one was jumping on the Lianne bandwagon, you started slinging insults. Very classy.

  • Leon Stansfield

    Any response? Either via Twitter or email?

  • Super Amanda

    *You are a rude cunt MaryAnn (meant in the East End parlance not US) . I was nothing but polite to you and supported you I just don’t believe in vendettas, high horse hypocrites or cunts like you. I also mentioned that I had no idea of the full story when I came here in a later post. You’re a conceited and boring asshole under the guise of someone “ethical”. You’re not. To allow some of the comments on here shows you’re just hateful. Go back to Gotham and get out of my city bitch.*

  • Super Amanda

    This blog personifies low class.

  • Tristan Sinns

    “Low Class” can also be used to describe childish name-calling, such as “rude cunt”, “asshole”, etc.

  • Super Amanda

    Not when it is warranted. Anyone TRULY pro-active over plagiarism would not hold an online vendetta pity party. She’s acting like some ethical online voice, careful not to slut shame yet clearly allowing posts about blow jobs, the boyfriend and ravings about deportation and the INS. All of threads have rapidly degenerated into misogyny and nastiness. I’m done though. Have fun being hypocrites.

  • What part of “you’re not welcome here” do you not understand?

  • No.

  • Richard

    im guessing to the ‘supers’…

  • Richard

    true… but i wouldn’t have heard of you or this story otherwise… so how is this a negative thing?

  • kat

    Except this isn’t an online vendetta party. MaryAnn is using her personal site to document Lianne’s plagiarism, which is warranted and in fact, has been doing her best to keep the comments to the fact at hand and not letting them derail into slut-shaming or other nasty remarks on Lianne’s character, outside of her plagiarism. Unless you believe, like Lianne, that because she apologized once and feels “so bad about it”, all traces of what she did should be scrubbed from the internet.

  • Annie Riordan

    Get fucked. How’s THAT for low class?

  • Annie Riordan

    No, it’s about artistic integrity.

  • David N-T

    “Not when it is warranted.”

    The only time I could conceive of verbal abuse as warranted is to intimidate someone who is about to physically attack you enough that they change their mind. Online, that just doesn’t happen.

    “Anyone TRULY pro-active over plagiarism would not hold an online vendetta pity party.”

    No true Scotsman fallacy.

    “She’s acting like some ethical online voice, careful not to slut shame yet clearly allowing posts about blow jobs, the boyfriend and ravings about deportation and the INS.”

    MaryAnn is responsible for what she writes, not what others write: there is a difference between allowing something and endorsing it. I have disagreed with MaryAnn, but I always appreciated that she didn’t feel the need to censor anything I wrote. In your case, I think she went above and beyond the call of duty.

    “All of the LSB related threads have rapidly degenerated into misogyny and nastiness.”

    Events in which you played no small part.

    “Have fun being hypocrites.”

    Says the woman calling another woman a cunt in one post, then later complaining about mysogyny. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Please stop engaging this person. I want her to go away.

  • GeeksAreMyPeeps

    If this is the level of discourse of which you are capable, you don’t belong here. Move along, move along.
    You won’t be missed.

  • Please stop engaging this person. I want her to go away.

  • singlestick

    RE: They wouldn’t be covering this absent Tarantino.

    Ah, yes. I see your point. The double-edge sword here is that the Tarantino connection also perhaps resulted in more heat than otherwise might have been applied. By the way, I ran across this story from your site and movie related articles in Flipboard, not Gawker. And initially I had no idea of the Tarantino connection. I just hate it when people steal someone else’s work and passes it off as their own.

  • FormerlyKnownAsBill

    “…some effort towards the people she stole from would have been nice (i.e. credit, financial compensation, an open letter).”

    right. how was this _not_ Lianne’s reaction? i don’t know why i’m surprised at this, but it just seems extra cowardly in this case.

  • FormerlyKnownAsBill

    eh, at least it prompted me to have a good read about meta ethics, which was fun.

  • PeterMcPumpkin

    Spiderbaby, Spiderbaby,
    Writes whatever a Spider can,
    Cuts and Pastes many lines,
    But can she swing from vines?
    Read on, here comes the Spiderbaby!

  • singlestick

    Even though he eventually backed away from his defense of LS, writer Tim Lucas’ original stance on Spiderbaby’s action reeks to high heaven.

    “Ever since Lianne arrived on the scene I have noticed that she
    projects an image that certain fans hate on sight,” Lucas wrote. “She’s
    young, beautiful, affluent, educated, athletic…”


    Did he want to date her? He does two particularly despicable things here. Even though he is writing about other bloggers, he dismisses them as “fans,” as though they are all amateurs and Spiderbaby is the lone star professional on the scene. And his “defense” of LS is all about her looks and charms, nothing about her supposed talent or actual work. And being affluent signifying by itself, some positive attribute? I didn’t know Spiderbaby from beans before reading about this, or her connection with Tarantino. But I can understand how the original plagiarism, along with the snottiness, the misdirection and the pointless celebrity worship and inane accusations of “mere jealousy” could anger and sicken anyone who works hard to make a living and establish a reputation as any kind of writer.

  • Lianne Spidermidget

    So. What did I miss?

  • Neill Gaines

    The staff of Bleeding Cool continue to post new stories from San Diego and are not having any problems posting in their forums. So them continuing to ignore any requests for a simple explanation or heads up as to why they deleted the article and the forum thread is rude and unprofessional.

  • After *multiple* requests for information, I *finally* was told that the publisher had some legal issues with it, so they took it down. The editors tell me they’re “making the case” for it, but they won’t tell me what the problem is. I’m giving it one more day before I explode.

  • LaSargenta

    So. It’s been a day.

    *drums fingers*

  • I’m waiting to hear back from another outlet about whether they’ll run it. If not, I’ll post it here. (If they do run it, I’ll post a link.)

    Despite what this to-do might seem to imply, there’s nothing explosive in the piece. I suspect you’ll be disappointed. :->

  • LaSargenta

    Actually, I’d like to see some commentary from other outlets publically saying ‘she’s never welcome here again’.

  • Bluejay

    Whether it’s posted here or elsewhere, I’d be interested to know what “legal issues” Bleeding Cool had with it.

  • Robert H.

    Obviously, someone at ComicCon has a very long reach – or there’s lots of Bleeding Cool editors without a spine who don’t wish to irritate certain personalities…

  • Danielm80

    MaryAnn or Lianne Spideebaby? If you mean Lianne, then I agree with you.

  • Well, jeez, MaryAnn… I have one busy week where I can’t check your site, and you blow up an entire internet controversy. Nice!

  • LaSargenta

    Yeah, I meant Lianne. Sorry for the lack of a proper noun.

  • rogerlb

    I continue to be amazed and saddened how these “scandals” rise up and then every trace of the person’s online persona is erased to no avail. Everyone has screenshots and caches and the guilty person might have well have just published a goddam open letter and moved on. The sloppy Oliie-North digital shredding just makes them look so pitiful.

    Keep up the work – or better, let’s move on. R

  • Tonio Kruger

    This whole scandal and its aftermath sucks. Especially bad are the various attempts on this thread to make MaryAnn the “culprit” instead of the victim that she actually is.

    For future reference, “everybody does it” is not usually considered to be a convincing argument for the defense. Nor is “famous people do it too.” (What? No word about birds, bees or educated fleas? Why not old favorites like “I am rubber, you are glue…” or “I know you are but what am I?” while we’re at it?)

    I hope things improve for you, MaryAnn. After all, it’s not like Lianne was a household name before this scandal happened. Indeed, I read about the horror genre all the time and I have never heard of her before last week. And if things were really that hopeless as you imply, Janet Cooke would still have her Pulitzer…

  • Janet Cooke was a long time ago. Meanwhile, serial plagiarist Jonah Lehrer has a new book coming out from a major house…

  • PJK

    It seems that even big corporations are not above doing a spot of plagiarism these days:


  • mpwalker

    Lighten up, it was a joke.

  • guest

    first of all, it is *tarantino*, not toronto :P
    and most of all, tarantino’s not the reason lianne spiderbaby is a plagiarist. and the woman’s sex life has nothing to do with her plagiarism either.
    and seriously dude, do you HONESTLY think that the paparazzi cover tarantino because he’s conceited? that way my chemistry teacher would make the front page EVERY SINGLE DAY. the paps report famous people because that’s what they are supposed to do. so keep quentin tarantino off the argument.
    and seriously man, you try and make a movie that’s even half as good as any of his movies, and try making many of them, and then try not to sound “pretentious” (which he totally isn’t). get over yourself.

  • Sheikara Gray

    The great mau wow cracked didn’t know why and then he chose this asshole-whore.

  • LaSargenta

    This mess is briefly linked to in a post about Uma Thurman openly dating QT. http://www.laineygossip.com/Uma-Thurman-and-Quentin-Tarantino-are-together-now/30363

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