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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

the difference between my Movie Cheat Sheet emails and my What to Stream posts

So what’s the difference, regarding streaming movies, between the films I highlight in my Movie Cheat Sheet email newsletters and the ones I list in my What to Stream posts?

Basically, it’s this: The Cheat Sheets list movies that are new to stream, regardless of whether I think they’re any good or not. The What to Stream posts highlight only the good stuff — you will never see a red light in a What to Stream post, and you’ll see a yellow light only if there isn’t enough green-light stuff to recommend. What to Stream posts will also sometimes recommend great streaming films that have been available for a while but that you (or I) may have overlooked, or that I may gather together under a thematic umbrella.

Questions? Ask away. Suggestions for how I could make these posts or emails more useful to you? I’m all ears.

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