Disqus issue with Firefox on Windows XP

Reader LaSargenta writes:

On Disqus threads that get very long at some point (in the case of The Sapphires thread, it happened where it appears on the attachment, if sorted from Newest on top) the white ‘page’ background disappears and all the posts are against the grey

The post she offers as a sample is the one about the Sapphires DVD, and this is what she sees:


As you can see, the white background of the blog post disappears, for some reason, and the background image shows through.

It looks okay to me on Mac OS 10.6.8 with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

LaSargenta says she’s using:

OS is Windows XP,
Install.txt file says App Version 9.0.1
GRE Version: 9.0.1

The company I bought my WordPress theme from won’t touch this issue because they say it’s about a third-party plugin (which is ridiculous since they’ve dealt with other Disqus issues), and Disqus says, “It’s not possible to troubleshoot this on Disqus’ end.”


I do not have the capabilities to troubleshoot this.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone else having a similar problem?

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