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gotta reduce free views of premium posts to two per month

Sorry, guys. Four free views is clearly too many, because you’re not subscribing.

No one else online is doing quite what I’m doing here. If my work is valuable to you, I need you to support it by subscribing.

Five bucks per month. That’s about three quid in the U.K. That’s one latte. It’s less than one movie ticket. It’s less than your monthly Netflix subscription.

It’s not a lot to ask for as payment for all the stuff I’m giving you.

Thank you.

previous: what’s that counter in the bottom right of your browser window?

The one that looks like this:


That’s what tells you how many free views of premium posts you’ve got left. At the moment, the counter is set at four — which means that nonsubscribers get to look at four premium posts each month before they’ll see requests to pay, either by becoming a monthly subscriber or on a pay-per-post basis.

If you don’t want to see that counter at all, you can find more information on bonuses for subscribers and a link to subscribe here.

Once you’re logged in via TinyPass as a subscriber, you won’t see that counter at all.

Please subscribe, if you haven’t already. It’s vital for the site’s survival.

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