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Doctor Who thing: your name (or any text) in Gallifreyan

Gallifreyan isn’t a real language like Klingon is, though some fans are trying to make it so. One of them, artist Loren Sherman, has developed a guide to one fannishly developed form of Gallifreyan: at Sherman’s Planet, you’ll find primers for writing text, musical notes, and mathematical symbols in Gallifreyan.

You can also download a translator program. Here’s what my name looks like in Gallifreyan:


And what “flick filosopher” looks like:


None of this is official, of course, and the translator program allows you to create alternative versions of whatever text you want to translate. So perhaps this is better thought of as a Gallifreyan design generator… which would be perfect to use in conjunction with yesterday’s Thing: make-your-own Gallifreyan-style window shades.

Thanks to bronxbee for the heads-up.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • Jess Haskins

    Yowza! I dig conlangs and alien writing and numerical systems, I really do, but this makes my head hurt. Very pretty, though, and nicely documented.

    Think I’ll just go back to learning Vulcan. Such a nice, logical conlang…

  • bronxbee

    and i have to give a big thanks to my niece, Tammy, who sent me my name in “gallifreyan”… it’s a pretty cool design.

  • bronxbee

    and by the way, both “names” looke awesome. my name looks kind of like a cock-eyed snowman.

  • Lisa Marie Kelly

    here’s one I tried out.

  • Lisa Marie Kelly

    another one

  • Lisa Marie Kelly

    a better one

  • Lisa Marie Kelly

    I screwed up the last one. but heres a new one.

  • Guest

    made a mistake on the last one. Hope this one isn’t too confusing.

  • Guest

    made a mistake on the last one. Hope this one isn’t confusing

  • Lisa Marie Kelly

    Hope this one isn’t too confusing. Sorry about the mistake on the last one.

  • mortetm

    I’m actually using this for writing out a Timelord Prophecy for my tabletop campaign :)

  • ghost

    can anyone translate ghost into gallifreyan for me, please?

  • Andrew

    So I have been searching for a better translation of my name in gallifrayen and the form I found isn’t quit right, could you trasnlate Andrew David Lester” into gallifrayen?

  • Zoe

    Hi, could you translate the following for me pretty please?
    I love you

  • Heather


  • Bad website

    This is not a good website as it doesn’t allow you to to get your name translated right now. Some people use their iPod to search the web. Stupid people!

  • Cass

    Could you please translate ‘Cassidy’ into Gallifreyan for me please :)

  • Danielm80

    MaryAnn, I think it’s time to start a side business as a Gallifreyan translator. There seems to be a huge market.

  • There does. I wonder why people aren’t just using the program…

  • zemmychey.darnell@facebook.com

    Could you translate Zemmy into Gallifreyan pleeease!

  • Danielm80

    I’m starting to think this is a viable source of income. Maybe you should set up an Etsy account.

  • This isn’t a translation service. Sorry. Not sure how you got the idea that it is.

  • Alamb

    Do you know if the site to translate is down? I click the link but nothing happens.

  • It’s working just fine. Must have been a temporary glitch.

  • baroness1207

    Because the program does not work.

  • If that’s the case, then how am I expected to do any translations?

    I only linked to the program. I have nothing to do with making it or supporting it. And I cannot help anyone make it work.

    Those who have issues with the program need to contact the person who created it.

  • riluko

    application works great thanks

  • BronyWhovian28

    i don’t know why people go through the trouble of all this. I did myself a favor and learned how to write Gallifreyan without a website. :)

  • ugh I cant find anything that will help me write in Gallifreyan.

  • Adam Phytophile

    I don’t think the program is the part of the equation with a malfunction.

  • Adam Phytophile

    No. You can follow the links and do it yourself just like everyone else.

  • jonathan

    theres an app on android that allows u to write in galifreyan

  • Overlord_Etna

    no, the translator wount open depending on your virus detectors, they detect the virus and do not want to open it

  • Demilorddude

    i have a netbook and it wont work

  • Then you need to get in touch with the person who runs that web site. I have nothing to do with it.

  • Donna Stewart

    Doesnt work on Windows 8 either

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  • Pikov Andropov

    Will you please give me the link? I don’t see it here. Thanks.

  • It’s in the original post. Unfortunately, the translation service no longer seems to be available.

  • Adam Phytophile

    This comment was three years old; if the link isn’t there in the article idk what to tell you, sorry. Try googling it.

  • Mike Rooney

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  • Kelly

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