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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

films to stream in the UK week of Sep 02 2013 (Netflix/BBC iPlayer/Curzon on Demand)


What’s new, what’s hot, and what you may have missed, now available to stream on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Curzon on Demand.


great British cultural histories

green light
Creation: surprisingly gentle, unassuming movie about Charles Darwin as he struggles to articulate theories that would change the world forever [my review] [at Netflix]
green light
Miss Potter: pleasant, affable romantic drama about the Peter Rabbit author, advocate for the natural world and accidental feminist [my review] [at Netflix]
green light
Quills: Geoffrey Rush as Marquis De Sade; bawdy and funny, a dark and disturbing flip side of Shakespeare in Love [my review] [at Netflix]
yellow for maybe
Amazing Grace: earnest look at the move to abolish the British slave trade in the early 19th century, featuring an early performance by It Boy Benedict Cumberbatch [at Netflix]


green light
Girl with a Pearl Earring: subtle eroticism and delicate drama, and it all looks like a Vermeer painting; lovely [my review] [at iPlayer] (expires 1:04AM Mon, 9 Sep 2013)
green light
Point Blank: smart French action thriller with an unlikely hero; I can’t believe Hollywood hasn’t snapped this one up yet [at iPlayer] (expires 10:19PM Sat, 7 Sep 2013)
yellow for maybe
The Quatermass Experiment: this 1950s British sci-fi flick is very dated now, but still notable as a thematic and stylistic precursor to Doctor Who [at iPlayer] (expires 2:04AM Sat, 7 Sep 2013)

Curzon on Demand

streaming now, while it’s in cinemas

green light
What Maisie Knew: utterly heartbreaking tale of a little girl used as a pawn in her parents’ battles, told, remarkably, from the child’s perspective [at Curzon on Demand]

because you missed them

green light
Downfall: audacious German film about Hitler’s final days, and source of the gone-viral clip in which the insane leader raves to his subordinates [my review] [at Curzon on Demand]
green light
Howl: gorgeous, varied drama about Allen Ginsberg’s Howl, with a soaring performance by James Franco as the poet [my review] [at Curzon on Demand]
green light
The Magdalene Sisters: brutal drama about the real-life slavery endured by thousands of young women at the hands of the Catholic Church in Ireland in the 20th century [at Curzon on Demand]
green light
Tatsumi: a wonderful animated tribute to legendary manga artist Yoshiro Tatsumi; haunting and provocative [my review] [at Curzon on Demand]

  • RogerBW

    Yeah, why did Point Blank vanish so quickly? I saw posters for it around London, but it got no buzz at all. Were people scared of the French language? Surely there’s a dubbed version for them by now…

  • I don’t know! It’s not very *foreign,* apart from the subtitles. I don’t think there is a dubbed version, though.

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