what is your geek idiosyncrasy?


I have only recently made a discovery about myself.

It’s like this. Obviously, I have been going to the movies multiple times per week for many years. But this past year has been the first time since I can remember when I have not one but two nice multiplexes a short walk away. So when I haven’t been able to get to an advance press screening (or wasn’t invited), I can take a nice stroll and catch the film nearby on opening day.

The discovery I made: I am incapable of showing up later than the posted start time. Even when I don’t need to leave extra travel time to allow for the vagaries of public transit (which I always do). Even when I know I won’t have any trouble getting a seat (at weekday afternoon showings I am often the only one in the cinema). Even when I know there will be 20 minutes of idiotic commercials before the movie actually starts. Even when I know I’ll have to sit through that same hideous Kevin Bacon ad for EE (a mobile phone provider) for the 100th time. This is the short version:

(The long one is worse. Imagine it on a big screen with sound you cannot escape. My embarrassment for Bacon has long since given way to teeth-grinding annoyance.)

I could, theoretically, leave my house at the posted start time and still be assured of not missing a single moment of the movie. So why can’t I do that? I think, maybe, I have a fear that the first time I do that, that will be the day when the multiplexes decide to stop showing all those ads and just jump right to the movie.

Anyway, in the name of my own sanity, I am now referring to this odd trait of mine as a geek idiosyncrasy, rather than a sign of impending mental breakdown.

What is your geek idiosyncrasy? Go on — your secret is safe with us.

(If you have a suggestion for a Question, feel free to email me.)

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