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subscriber troubleshooting

It seems that some subscribers are having trouble with the Tinypass system. I’m sorry it’s so confusing, and it pains me no end to know that those readers who have made the effort to support me and have given time and money to do so are hitting snags.

If you have subscribed to FlickFilosopher.com — either via the new Tinypass system or via Paypal or Amazon Payments before I implemented Tinypass — then you are entitled to unlimited access to the site. You should not be seeing the “XX views left” button on the bottom right of each page, and you should not be seeing the reminder popups after every few pageviews.


If you’re seeing the “XX views left” button in the bottom right corner, then the issue is simply that you’re not logged in. You can log in like this:

= wait for the Tinypass popup, or get it by clicking on the “XX views left” button on the bottom right of each page
= click on “Already purchased? Sign in to access” at the bottom of that popup
= input the email address associated with your Tinypass account and your password; if you subscribed via Tinypass, you should have received that password when you started your subscription; if your subscription was started before I implemented Tinypass, you will have received an email from Tinypass sent by me that granted you access and included a password
= if you no longer have that email or have lost your password, click on “Don’t know your password? Reset It Now”
= input the email address associated with your Tinypass account (this could be your PayPal email address, if your subscription predates Tinypass) and follow the instructions in the email that follows

Once you’re logged in with Tinypass, you won’t see those popups anymore.

Note: Your Disqus login has nothing to do with Tinypass — the two services are not connected in any way. You need to log in separately to Tinypass even if you’re logged in to comment with Disqus. It would be great if one login could do it all, but that’s not currently possible.

If you are in the least bit confused about your subscription, if you’re not sure if it’s up to date, if you’re not sure what email address you should be logging in with, if you’re unsure about how to get full access, or if you have any other questions or problems or concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me at maryann@flickfilosopher.com, and I will help you in whatever way I can.

Again, my apologies for whatever problems you may be having, and thank you for your support.

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  • Judy

    MaryAnn, thanks for being so on top of this. I was very impressed when I had a problem that you caught it and emailed me directly. Great customer service! I love this site and am proud to be a subscriber. Keep up the good work!

  • Glad to help, Judy. There have been a few other people confused about the login situation, so it was clear some explanation was called for.

  • LaSargenta

    Tinypass is fine for me, but I miss the Trailers button on the header. :-(

  • Really? I had to make room for the subscriber-help button. I’ll have a think and see if I can reorganize and get it back there.

  • LaSargenta

    Don’t. I just searched the site with “trailers” and got the whole page(s). No problem. Maybe just adding a link under the Explore Films bit on the right column would be nice, but, hell, don’t worry about it. That was my problem cause I pretty much only watch trailers here and you often have interesting ones (I still plan on seeing Violet and Daisy.)

  • Maybe just adding a link under the Explore Films bit on the right column would be nice

    Excellent idea, and done!

    I also added a link as a dropdown under the In Cinemas menu button.

  • James Whey

    Please get rid of the “biast” business. You know the word is “biased.” Don’t stoop to misspelling words for effect.

  • bronxbee

    perhaps you should read the reason she uses the mis-spelling.

  • It’s making a very deliberate point about the idiocy of accusing me of being biased… as if that isn’t the very purpose of critiicism.

    Calling a critic biased like that’s a bad thing is a subset of functional illiteracy.

    What does the deliberate misspelling bother you?

  • Backgrounder

    I cannot find a simple donation button for, say $5 or $10, (linked to Paypal or whatever) on your site. I believe you use to have one. Any chance of bringing it back? Or does the “click here to subscribe” link offer a donation option?

  • There is no donation option. I would prefer that readers subscriber.

    If you would like to make a donation, you may do so (my Paypal email address is thechick@flickfilosopher.com) but I cannot offer bonuses for donations.

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