looking at subscription info pages won’t dock your limited pageviews

Reader Lisa has pointed out that once you’ve run through your 20 pageviews per month, you can’t get to information about why you should be subscribing to FlickFilosoper. So I’ve fixed that. Now, the “20 views” paywall post that is linked to from the sidebar, the page about subscription benefits, and the subscriber help page are no longer behind the Tinypass paywall, so looking at those pages won’t deduct any pageviews, and you’ll still be able to access them even after you’ve run through your 20 free pageviews per month. You’ll see links to them on the “please subscribe” popup you get after you’ve reached your 20 pageviews. (You may still get the reminder prompt to subscribe when you try to access those pages, however. Click the X in the top-right corner to close it.)

I’ve also removed the “all posts” page from the paywall, so you can see what you’re missing even after you’ve burned through your 20 pageviews.

How much easier can I make it for you to subscribe? Tell me, and I’ll do it.

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Wed, Nov 27, 2013 6:49pm

I suspect with some readers, you’d have to break and enter their home and take money from their wallet and sign them up on their own computers.