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Knights of Badassdom trailer: wow, this looks dumb

They’re obviously using badass in some linguistically creative way I have not previously encountered.

Oh, Peter Dinklage: why? Tyrion Lannister wasn’t actually badass enough for you? This may have been shot before Game of Thrones began, but I still can’t think of a good excuse for this.

Fan-organized screenings in the U.S. via Tugg begin tomorrow, and the film will be available on demand on February 11th.

US/Canada release date: Jan 21 2014 (VOD Feb 11)
official site | IMDb
  • There’s epic. And then there’s Peter Dinklage / Summer Glau epic. I’ll take the latter.
    amosref attented the premiere of Knights of Badassdom at Icon festival in Israel on Sept. 2013: “What can I say? It was a theater packed with geeks and everyone went wild! It was fantastic! The cast is brilliant and I laughed out loud at least 20 times”.

  • RogerBW

    Wikipedia says filming began in July 2010 and by September 2012 it was in post-production; they started showing it to buyers in March of last year. But Dinklage was announced as cast for Game of Thrones in May 2009. Maybe he didn’t think it would go anywhere, or this was a good way to decompress…

  • Jonathan Roth

    Or his house needed an addition…

    Pride only pays so much.

  • Rob

    I think that’s why people sign up for major Hollywood blockbusters, not small-budget indies.

  • Jess Haskins

    I remember seeing this trailer way back and becoming suddenly, terribly sad.

  • Tonio Kruger

    Oh, Danny Pudi. You, too? Have the other scripts you’ve been offered been that bad?

  • Herblay

    You guys are idiots.

  • RogerBW

    You’re so right! How had I failed to notice this until some anonymous stranger on the Internet told me so?

  • Hank Graham

    Folks, this is *not* a mindless Hollywood blockbuster. It was the work of writers and a director who completely get fandom, and are fans themselves. Everyone who saw the preview reel (about thirty minutes of the film) at Comic Con two years ago were stoked on it, and the people working on it were chortling, because they thought this is going to be a good one.

    Particularly praised was Dinklage’s performance, which was a fond put-on of the sort of aggressive, SCA stick-jock many of us know.

    Disclaimer: I know a number of the folks who worked on this, and was hearing about it when they were filming, which happened in Spokane WA–I’m in Seattle.

    Unfortunately, there was a schism between the creative folks and the producer, and the version we’re about to see is the re-edit a producer did to make it more “commercial.”

    You can read about that here:



    This trailer (which doesn’t look like the original trailer at all) worries me, but I’ll be seeing it this evening, in the hopes that dumb though it may be, it will be gloriously, deliriously dumb in a way that we’ll like, and not soul-crushingly dumb, like, say, “Twilight.”

  • I don’t think anyone is mistaking this for a Hollywood blockbuster of any kind. It looks like a cheap, shoddy indie that thinks it can get by on fake geek cred. I’ll be happy to be wrong about that, but I see nothing so far that makes me optimistic.

  • Danielm80

    I wish someone in Hollywood would make a movie starring Peter Dinklage and Summer Glau.

  • Tonio Kruger

    Besides this one, you mean. :)

  • Hank Graham

    Yeah, MaryAnn–what’s sad is that the “fake geek cred” wasn’t fake, originally. I’ll post something after I see it, but I’m going in hope.

  • I finally saw this yesterday and I really liked it. If you’re a Peter Dinklage fan there is a lot to love here.

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