The Double and Enemy trailers: doppelganger movies

Wait, what? Two movies about a man who discovers he has an identical double, and the identical double is up to no good. Is someone trying to drive us movie lovers crazy?

It gets weirder: Richard Ayoade’s The Double is based on a novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky called The Double. Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy is based on a novel by José Saramago called — are you ready? — The Double.

This could only be creepier if either Jesse Eisenberg or Jake Gyllenhaal starred in both of them. Although… have we ever seen both men together? Hmmm…..

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The Double
US/Canada release date: May 9 2014 (VOD same day) | UK release date: Apr 4 2014
official site | IMDb
US/Canada release date: Mar 14 2014 (VOD Feb 6 2014)

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