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Doctor Who thing: what sign was the Doctor born under?

In the classic-era Tom Baker story “The Creature from the Pit,” the Doctor meets Organon, who describes himself thusly:

Astrologer extraordinary. Seer to princes and emperors. The future foretold, the past explained, the present apologised for.

Later, this happens:

“What sign were you born under?” –Organon
“Crossed computers.” –the Doctor
“Crossed what?” –Organon
“Computers. It’s the symbol of the maternity service on Gallifrey.” –Organon

The Doctor would scowl and dismiss astrology as the pseudoscientific nonsense it is, but this hasn’t stopped fans from trying to determine what his astrological sign is, or doing astrological charts for him. At QuantumPhoenix.net, astrologer Mani Navasothy has drawn up a birth chart for the Doctor, based on a birthdate of November 22nd, 1963. Christina Rodenbeck of The Oxford Astrologer assigns zodiacal signs based on the actors’ dates of birth. Barbara of Silverwheel Astrology jumbles both methods up together. All very scientific.

If you’d like to make sense of this — good luck with that — the Astrological Lodge of London will be hosting a seminar on March 31st entitled “The Astrology of a Time Lord.” The program description:

Just how do you draw up the chart of a character that changes his face and character every few years? Adam Fronteras will take you on a Tardis trip through the astrology of the hit BBC TV series. He will trace Dr Who’s story from its humble black and white beginnings in 1963 to its multi media reinvention for a new generation. As well as discussing what the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will bring to the show, Adam will address the worrying subject of how to draw up a chart for an Ice Warrior.

Adam Fronteras has worked within the astrological community for over thirty years, has written a number of books on astrology and Mind Body Spirit subjects, as well as running My Spirit Radio & My Spirit Books and acting as a consultant on esoteric subjects to TV Production and media outlets.

Me, this is the sort of astrology I enjoy:


(apparently from stopitsgingertime)

My sign: You’re Dead. Though I’m on the cusp with Mini-Moff, which could be worse.

h/t Coeli Carr of astrolass for the Astrological Lodge link.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • Froborr

    The problem isn’t that he changes faces, it’s that he was born on another planet. Wouldn’t the Gallifreyan zodiac be based on the movement of the Gallifreyan sun through Gallifreyan constellations? Trying to fit the Doctor into Earth astrology makes even less sense than astrology normally does!

  • RogerBW

    Worryingly enough, I have met astrologers who claim that the zodiac is intrinsically applicable throughout the universe. Mere precession of the equinoxes means nothing to them.

  • @astro_lass

    Thanks for the shout out! Although erecting horoscopes for fictional entities is whimsical, the process, I think, is still tied to a noble goal. If the birthchart is the archetype of the Self, then self-knowledge may help one embrace one’s destiny more fruitfully. “Who”-ever one is…

  • And how does one figure the affects of the time vortex?!

  • Martin

    I’m March 21st, so I’m between a Fucking Badass and Surprise Naked Barrowman.

    And I’m ok with that.

  • Rasperry1506

    In “dinosaurs on a spaceship” (about halfway through) he references that he is a sagittarius. Therefore we can assume he was born in roughly November/ December (in earth time).

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