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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

remedying Michael Bay’s failure to adequately ogle Mark Wahlberg in Transformers

Because Transformers: Age of Extinction is all this:


(Yes, that is an actual shot from the movie. This is something Bay does not cut quickly away from.)

There is, of course, no similar shot of Mark Wahlberg (or of young pup Jack Reynor). But at least our gaze can linger on a still:



Stupid sexist Michael Bay.

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  • MisterAntrobus

    Ah, what happened to the good old days of the ’80s, action flicks, with all those lovingly framed shots of oiled-up musclemen?

  • I recommend SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND, to scratch that itch.

  • AA

    Ha! And the eternal musculature of Marky-Mark is exactly why I want to watch such a flick. ‘Cause I basically stopped being a fan of Transformers since the stupid backyard scene in the first one.

  • AA

    Oh, and thank you, MAJ, for doing your part to fix this lack! :)

  • bbear

    Is that his daughter?

  • Whoever she is, she doesn’t appear to have a backside. Poor girl. ;-)

  • Yes. And he’s complaining about how short her shorts are. I think this is Bay’s attempt at irony.

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