I need some help with CSS, WordPress, php(?) and/or javascript(?)

I want to do something with the site that I think is technically possible but is way beyond my meager capabilities. If you can help me out, we can work out compensation. I can’t pay a lot, but I hope we can decide on something fair and reasonable.

What I want to do is have two versions of the site: one that shows ads to nonsubscribers, and one without ads for logged-in subscribers.

With Tinypass, I can set up dynamic classes that indicate whether a site visitor is logged in or not. I’m already doing something very simple with that: visitors who aren’t logged in see, in the sidebar, a list of pages that nonsubscribers can visit for free even if they’re out of pageviews for the week; subscribers don’t see that because there’s no reason for them to see it. But that uses a simple CSS trick.

What I need is some way for WordPress (which uses php) to determine whether a visitor is logged in or not, and then load adcode in a particular position (like at the top of a page) for visitors who aren’t logged in, but not load the adcode for visitors who are logged in.

I suspect that javascript can handle that, but I know nothing about javascript. Maybe there’s even a simple trick that can handle that. I just don’t know.

If you can help me out, please let me know. Thank you!

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