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Kickstarter to fund my what-to-stream posts for another year (ended unsuccessfully)


FINAL UPDATE: The Kickstarter funding period has ended, and the project was not fully funded. Thank you to everyone who pledged. I’ll try another project again soon.

UPDATE: My Kickstarter is not in good shape… but there’s a still a little over a week to go, if you’d like to make a pledge to keep my what-to-stream posts going for another year.

Time to get all Hunger Games on my work here.

My twice-weekly what-to-stream posts — covering new releases on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes in the U.S. and the U.K. (and a few other services in the U.K.) — require a lot more work than they might appear to need. And if I have to cut back on my work here — which I do have to do — then theses are obvious choices for the chopping block.

But if you find them really useful, you can help save them, but pledging at least £1 to the Kickstarter I just started. It will run through August 21st. There are some rewards that are, I hope, fun and enticing.

I hope you’ll share the Kickstarter link around with anyone you know who needs good weekly advice on what movies are worth streaming.

Whether or not this Kickstarter is successful, I have other ideas for special criticism projects that might be fundable this way. Stay tuned.

If that dude can raise more than $61,000 to make potato salad, I should be able to get this funded, no?


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