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Big Significant Things movie review: road trip to nowhere

Big Significant Things yellow light

A leisurely, slightly absurd drive through 20something ennui that is as maddeningly diffuse as its protagonist’s state of mind.
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Craig (Harry Lloyd: The Riot Club) is on one of those road trips in the American South where you stop to see attractions such the World’s Largest Cedar Bucket — that’s in Oxford, Mississippi — and get advice from locals about the weird and wonderful things to see in their towns (though sometimes all they have to recommend is the Pizza Hut down the street). He seems sad, though, and soon we come to realize that he has lied to his girlfriend about what he’s up to: she thinks he’s working (he’s in advertising), although sometimes she also seems to think that he’s driving with friends; their phone conversations enlighten us more to a strain in their relationship — lying comes easy to Craig — than to the concrete details of their situation. Except we do know that he is going to meet her in San Francisco, where they will be buying a house and starting a new life. Perhaps Craig is not ready for that big step? This first feature from writer-director Bryan Reisberg is a leisurely, slightly absurd drive through 20something ennui that is as maddeningly diffuse as Craig’s state of mind, and Lloyd’s irresistible appeal makes him more sympathetic than he probably should be. This is a story very much about the journey, not the destination, which is probably a good thing, because it goes nowhere.

See also my #WhereAreTheWomen rating of Big Significant Things for its representation of girls and women.

yellow light 2.5 stars

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Big Significant Things (2015)
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  • RogerBW

    One of those films that everyone needs to make, but maybe not everyone needs to see.

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