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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

from Facebook: upcoming Stonewall movie has been “sterilised for public consumption”

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  • RogerBW

    Friends of mine who used to do Pride reckon it’s been too focused on the pretty young (cis)men for years. From the trailer, the film looks the same.

  • LaSargenta

    No Stormé DeLarverie either.

  • Jurgan

    I’m glad we have social media to report on these things. I might have gone to see this and assumed it was real, but now I’m staying far away.

  • Not sure if you’re being sarcastic here…

  • Jurgan

    I wasn’t. I’m only vaguely familiar with the history of Stonewall. Had this come out in the nineties, I might very well have gone to see it and assumed it was accurate for years.

  • I’m sure that will be the case for many people now.

  • Stazoola

    The fact that this is a film by Roland Emmerich not only automatically precludes my seeing it, but also any possibility that it could depict any aspect of history with accuracy and inclusiveness. The 1995 Stonewall movie featured almost an entirely white cismale cast, with Candis Cayne a lone trans exception. Business as usual for Hollywood. I still remember feeling crushed and betrayed when I found out at thirteen that the film of Fried Green Tomatoes had been de-lesbianised compared to the book.

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