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from Facebook: Guardian critic mansplains Miss You Already

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  • bronxbee

    yup — yet another male critic explaining why women’s lives, and interests don’t matter — and why the only important relationship is one with a *man*.

  • Tonio Kruger

    Er, perhaps I’m missing something but that does not appear to be what he’s saying in the original article.

    After all, he does not appear to be arguing in favor of making fewer movies about women. Instead he argues in favor of making better movies about women.

    And the problem with that stance is what exactly?

  • When many women — critics and ordinary moviegoers — are saying that this movie does a really good job of representing women’s lives and friendships, it is mansplaining for a man to tell us that we’re wrong about that.

    He also complains that the men’s roles aren’t big enough, but the film is NOT about the men, or about the marriages. And still those “thankless” roles are bigger and more robust that wives onscreen are usually allowed, even when movies *are* about marriages.

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