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Sat, Sep 12, 2015 2:44pm

I’ve just seen a performance of the latest Broadway production of Spring Awakening (which, incidentally, is amazingamazingamazingAMAZING) and one of the main issues in the story — set in 19th century Germany — is that the grownups are absolutely freaked out by sex and can’t bear to explain the terminology or logistics of it to their kids (“to have a child, you must… uh, love your husband with your whole… heart”). Disasters ensue.

It’s unbelievable that, in some ways, that kind of mentality still exists today. “Vagina” isn’t even a “bad word,” for cripes sake, it’s the accurate term for the body part! And it’s crazy that film studio executives, who are damn well used to seeing women’s bodies exposed onscreen, would get the giggles talking about vaginas.

I blame, partly, a culture that in the 21st century STILL is uncomfortable with frankly discussing sex, among grownups and between adult authorities and children. Elementary schools still strictly forbid their students from saying “penis” and “vagina,” at least in my daughter’s previous school experience.

Ivan Popov
Ivan Popov
Thu, Oct 29, 2015 4:26pm

Why is it that on
TV and movies penises are allowed to be seen but NEVER EVER a vagina? Why were
the actresses’ vaginas air brushed out or removed with computer technology on
Game of Thrones when penises were graphically shown. And when I say vagina I do
not mean pubic hair or a merkin, I mean the vulva, clitoris, ect. Men are now
sick to their back teeth of seeing TV and movies that graphically and
frequently show penises but NEVER EVER a vagina!!! Examples of this are
programmes like Game of Thrones and Spartacus which explicitly showed many
(shaven) penises but only dared show women wearing something called a merkin!!!
This is a wig that actresses who have shaved vaginas wear so that instead of
viewers for once seeing a vagina (and only about the top third at that from a
full frontal) they see a false mass of pubic hair!!! If TV and movies show
penises they HAVE TO SHOW VAGINAS! This whole situation is 100% sexist against
men. Just imagine if it was reversed and viewers saw countless graphic scenes
of vaginas but only ever saw a man’s pubic hair? Women would be rightly
indignant and offended. This horrible and supremely sexist situation HAS TO
STOP RIGHT NOW with TV and movies showing vaginas as frequently and explicitly
as they do penises! It is sexism in the extreme not to do so and men are
absolutely sick of this bizarre sexist culture on TV and movies. TV and movies
have a duty to be equal and not sexist but what we have at the moment is
absolute 100% sexism against men because TV and media show frequent and graphic
images of penises but NEVER EVER a vagina. THIS HAS TO STOP RIGHT NOW! If penises
are going to be shown then so to must vaginas! Not pubic hair, not a merkin,
but a vagina. THIS SEXISM MUST END RIGHT NOW! Below is a
section of what a man wrote with on an online forum about this horrific sexist
attitudes towards men on TV and movies. After reading the whole shocking
evidence of extreme sexism to men please tell me how this has happened in the
first place and also that you’ve now stopped this criminal and extreme practice
on TV and movies. How in the name of god you can allow all this (and more) of
men’s genitals and not even allow the showing of the top third of a woman’s
vagina in a full frontal literally beggars belief. Who and what are you people?
This can you believe it is actually in reply to a woman complaining that you
always see vaginas but never a penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Below is a man’s
response to a sexist woman saying they never show penises on TV/movies:

are you serious!? “Not commonplace”, “maybe in the world of
pornography…” I have news for you, graphic “MALE ONLY” nudity
in PG through R-rated entertainment IS commonplace and quite pornographic. It
even includes male only torture porn! ……”Bruno” (Erect
Moving/Talking Penis with Opening and Closing Urethra Graphically Shown),
“Hall Pass” (Erect Penis), “Magic Mike” (Erect Penis Being
Pumped), Both “Hangover’s 1 and 2” (Erect Penises, Fallatio,
Bestiality), “Sirens” (Graphic Male Masturbation), “Jack Ass
Movies” (Graphic Male Genital Defecation, Graphic Genital Torture and
Stunts), “Teeth” (Multiple Graphic Male Genital Mutilation Scenes),
“Hostel 2” (Graphic Male Genital Mutilation), “Finding
Bliss” (Semi-Erect Moving Penis) Unfinished Business (explicit penis
scenes). Google the rest, you’ll find 100’s more–male only!

Movie Channels: “OZ” (Graphic Male on Male Rape/Male Genital Nudity),
“Spartacus” (Extremely Graphic Male Genital Nudity, Erect Penises,
and Graphic Male Genital Mutilation), “Tell Me You Love Me”
(Extremely Graphic Hand Job with Graphic Male Ejaculation, Erect Penises),
“Rome” (Graphic Erect Penises)”. Other Shows with Graphic Male
Genital Nudity: “True Blood”, “Girls”, “Game of
Thrones”, “Shameless — Extremely Graphic”, “The
Borgia’s”, “Boardwalk Empire”, “Six Feet Under”,
“John Adams”, “Gigolos”, “House of Lies”,
“Weeds”, “Polyamory”, “The Tudors”, “Queer
As Folk”, “Penn & Teller”, “Da Vinci’s Demons”,
“Magic City”, “Dave Old Porn”. Again, Google it, the list
goes on.

Now, according to Candice’s own words, you can see just how “Implied”
and “Tasteful” male nudity is done! (** rolls eyes **)

No woman on the face of this earth would ever tolerate these levels of graphic
nudity (outside of porn) if the roles were reversed! It would offend them
beyond belief, and rightfully so! But in today’s culture, it seems perfectly OK
to offend men, even ridicule us for speaking out in protest against this unfair
and unprecedented level of MALE ONLY pornographic nudity that we see in today
entertainment. And last but not least, we have individuals such as yourself,
and Candice, who conveniently deny (when shown the facts) that this level of
male nudity doesn’t even exists, or that it’s rare.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, Hollywood has two sets of rules when
it comes the exposure of a man and woman’s sexual organs, what most of us call
“A Double Standard”! Everything can be pornographically shown on a
man, but not on a woman. Furthermore, they try to spoon feed our society the
message that graphically exposing the entire penis is not pornographic and is
perfectly acceptable, but simply exposing any part of the Vulva, the outer
female sexual organ, is extremely pornographic and forbidden!

It’s an overtly sexist and obnoxious double standard! One that Candice openly
promotes! And a lot of men (expect for you, Colin) are finally waking up and
starting to speak out in protest as we are becoming alienated and completely
fed up with it, hence the exceedingly greater number of posts here (above my
own) that point out this fact. THIS SICK DOUBLE-STANDARD SEXISM MUST END NOW!