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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

from Facebook: Matt Damon Damonsplains diversity

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  • LaSargenta

    *headdesk* Nope, sorry, not clicking.

    Must. Leave. Computer.

  • Bluejay


    To follow up on the Return of the Jedi analogy, I guess Matt Damon now falls into the category of “things I like even though some aspects are deeply problematic.”

  • leah

    Ugh, this is cringe-worthy.
    Probably a big mistake and definitely ruined my zen but having a brief look around at some of the reaction to this, I’m struck by how bizarre it is that [primarily] white men, who are a minority group at around 32% of the US population, appear convinced that: 1) their POV is somehow that of “the majority”; 2) the film industry is a meritocracy rather than an industry underpinned by deeply systemic sexist/racial bias; and 3) that white men can tell stories about diverse protagonists as well as or better than women/non-white people can tell stories so there is no need for diversity in film-making because everything is fine, and those who see the need for change and equal representation should just shut up already. Crawling back into my hole now.

  • Everything about our culture tells white men — and everyone else — that their view *is* the “normal” one. So it’s hardly surprising when they (and lots of other people) believe that.

  • bronxbee

    this project has been plagued by WMS (white male syndrome) since the beginning… the winners have *always* been men. i threw up my hands a while ago. but gotta say, MD really made me wince. and i generally like him.

  • leah

    Bizarre, isn’t it? I can’t wrap my head around it, never will, it’s just so… illogical. White Male Superiority Complex (WMSC haha, another version of WMS as below), it’s like the biggest dupe ever but power structures and hegemony sure take a long time to dismantle. I guess we’re slow evolvers. If we survive as a species long enough I have to hope we’ll reach a place where everyone can be their best self and flourish in social and cultural equality based on and defined by our individual characteristics, strengths and unique attributes and proclivities rather than the narrow, imposed constructs of gender and race. (Maybe I’m living in a dream world, the actual world can be so fucking depressing).

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