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Sat, Oct 17, 2015 8:18am

I had a weird discussion about this with a (male) friend, who didn’t seem to comprehend at first that if a person doesn’t know what their colleagues who do comparable work are earning – and how much more it is than what you yourself earn – how can you negotiate for fair and equal remuneration? It’s not really possible. I think lots of men are in denial that they often automatically receive higher remuneration right from the start regardless of any negotiation (based on the false assumption of higher competency of their gender, many studies bear this out), and women are often in the dark about just how much more men earn for comparable work, making it very difficult to negotiate for equal pay (not to mention the double-standards to which the genders are held re such negotiations and the very real impact it can have on careers). It’s always sad to be reminded how much less value is placed on women in society (beyond as wombs to make babies); when it’s movie stars who make absurd piles of cash for playing dress up/pretending to be someone else it can make eyes roll but I think this type of public discourse is valuable in raising awareness and showing how pervasive the pay gap is across most every stratum. Nothing can change without awareness.