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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

from Facebook: on film-festival sexism

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  • leah

    So heartening to see women film-makers speaking publicly about their experiences with the wide-spread, pernicious sexism in the industry (where the possible cost of doing so is very real), also saddening and depressing but Muylaert’s courage is inspiring, and her film is just sublime. (The single comment below the article is a sober reminder of how pervasive dismissing women who speak out about sexism and misogyny is). I’d be curious about the reactions of the men to whom credit/attention for her film was given instead of the director herself, I hope they were also courageous enough to set the record straight at the time.

  • The single comment below the article

    Yup. It’s all in our head. We’re imagining things. We’re paranoid. We’re crazy.

    Anything to avoid having to actually to believe women when we talk about our lived experiences.

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