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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

from Facebook: Iris Murdoch is promiscuous

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  • RogerBW

    Because the cultural conditioning says that one is enviable while the other is a home-wrecker and/or tramp. Sure. So how do we fix the cultural conditioning?

  • Part of the fix is calling it out when we see it, like here.

  • Nathan

    No matter what gender, people who are unable to maintain long term sexual relationships are people who are ultimately irresponsible. We just need to stop glorifying the men who get away with such behavior. It’s in our species’ best interest to reduce the spread of STDs and STIs through educating our youth and destigmatizing sexual promiscuity. Look at what happened with Charlie Sheen, endangering many women because he was too selfish to behave like an adult and be honest with people.

    There is nothing wrong with having many partners over your lifetime, but keep in mind that the impact you have on people can be very negative if you act foolishly. Especially if you’re a guy, don’t make someone have to chose between an abortion and a difficult start to parenting.

    There’s my little rant done, basically… Don’t fuck the people you fuck because you’re too fucking busy fucking other fuckers to give a fuck. Fuck.

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