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from Facebook: Chris Hemsworth’s SNL promos are probably better than the show will be

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  • Bluejay

    It’s interesting how not huge he looks in normal clothes. Amazing what a costume can do. Maybe that’s another reason people don’t recognize Clark Kent: it’s not just the glasses, it’s also that he doesn’t look larger-than-life in a business suit.

  • Thor Hemsworth is clearly not his usual physique. What we see here, I suspect, is. He has just finished shooting the Ghostbusters reboot, and I figure he won’t have been too pumped up for that.

  • Danielm80

    Patrick Stewart is clearly Clark Kenting his way through life:

  • Beowulf

    He lost weight to look more like a sailor for the whale movie.

  • He lost weight to look like he was starving to death lost at sea. He doesn’t start out in *In the Heart of the Sea* looking like he’s starving. And that was shot in 2013, so he’s had plenty of time to recover.

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