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from Facebook: how factual must based-on-fact films actually be?

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  • NorthernStar

    Depends on the movie. A light and warm hearted comedy based on real life persons/events should not be written off for not sticking slavishly to facts because its whimsical nature allows a natural disconnect for the audience.

    However, a serious telling of historical events/lives, particularly those involving war/disasters, demands more attention to facts, and to presenting those facts without ugly political bias, and should be viewed negatively for failing to. It is disrespectful to the memories of those portrayed for film makers to do otherwise. To be honest, if the writers/directors want to make fiction, then make fiction. There’s an audience for that too.

  • RogerBW

    Clearly there’s money in saying “based on a true story”, “based on real events”, etc., at the start of a film – otherwise nobody would bother to do it.

    But every story is “based on real events” in that they’re always based on human experience, and I will continue to mock them when this sort of phrase is stretched beyond what I consider reasonable.

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