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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

from Facebook: the first zero-gee music video! (from OK Go)

I cannot stop watching this.

ETA: Learn how they shot this here.

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  • Danielm80

    And the person who directed this was immediately hired to make the next Spider-Man movie. Unless it was directed by a woman.

  • Heh. On the album version of this song, the lyrics for the first chorus are:

    Inside down and upside out
    and you can feel it.
    Don’t stop.
    Can’t stop.
    It’s like an airplane goin’ down.
    I wish I had said the things you thought that I had said.
    Gravity’s just a habit that you’re really sure you can’t break.

    Emphasis mine. For this video version, “It’s like an airplane goin’ down” becomes “Until you can feel it goin’ down.” And there’s another instance of “an airplane goin’ down” that was changed.

    I guess they didn’t want to jinx their flight?

  • The band’s singer and his sister directed this, so probably he’ll get offered jobs and she won’t. :-/

  • I’ll have to watch this when I have time. Should be fun.

    I think the first zero-G video was Chris Hadfield doing “Space Oddity.” :)

  • No. That was Hadfield floating in front of a camera singing. Cool. But absolutely nothing like this.

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