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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

from Facebook: when men are forced to confront the abuse women face online

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  • Nathan

    People say that female gamers get abused online a lot too. I’ve never encountered a female gamer online… well I must have, but that means that none of them identify themselves as women, which is indicative of the problem.

  • althea

    I’m sitting here in a kind of daze…actually “speechless”…thoughts running around…why didn’t we think of this before? How can it get seen by other people? Oh wait, isn’t that what “viral” is? Oh, that’s good… But will any of them stop?… Can anything…ever…get better because of something like this? …please god/dess, make it get better…

    Thank you MaryAnn…

  • althea

    I listen to a podcast Public Radio sports show called Only a Game. (Fun show, I heartily recommend.) On this week’s program this video was a topic of conversation between the host and two other sports journalists, one woman and one man.

    At first I hadn’t registered that it had been made by and for the sports world, and now I know that indeed it is “out there”. You might want to check it out. It’s only a few minutes at the top of the show. Look at the Only a Game website and click through to the April 30 show.

  • LaSargenta

    But, the thing is, they already know…they’ve seen it being done and they’ve done nothing. It is like the ‘few bad apples’ argument about cops. Everyone who witnesses and does nothing is guilty, too.

    I liked this article about the video (I follow the author on Twitter, she’s also a coach and funny): https://twitter.com/_shireenahmed_/status/725748757816549378

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