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from Facebook: why are so many robots female?

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  • RogerBW

    Because the female default is helpful and non-threatening.

    And because most early adopters are men, and most are heterosexual.

    And because many of the people making these decisions are men in their fifties and older.

    (The “default” ungendered robot is often assumed to be male, because, well, default. Also a man is someone that another man can beat up and not feel guilty about it.)

    See also Humans, a remake of the Swedish SF series Äkta Människor, in which domestic servant bots look like hot young women – yes, they’re “fully functional” – and nobody ever thinks that women already running a household might not be entirely 100% happy with this.

  • Jurgan

    How very Stepford.

  • Nathan

    So basically, why are robots either C3PO or sexual objects? Good question. Definitely not the droids we’re looking for in film.

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