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from Facebook: the Iron Man 3 female villain, eliminated thanks to sexism

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  • Jonathan Roth

    This really would have helped heighten the flaws with Tony’s personality and his treatment of women. It probably would have strengthened the ties between Pepper Potts and the villain; she’d be more likely to regret losing contact with an old friend than an old flame.

    Also, the whole thing with the Mandarin ended up being a triple bluff anyway; as the Marvel shorts reveal that neither Aldrich Killian nor Trevor Slattery were the actual Mandarin, and the original is pretty pissed about people taking his name in vain.

  • Nathan

    How many “I am the Mandarin?” toys did they sell, I mean really????

  • Bluejay

    Let me guess: the villain can only be female if the main hero is female. Because reasons.

  • RogerBW

    Well, in a genre that’s often about beating people up, there are some obvious areas of potential concern.

  • Nathan

    Because adult movies are used to sell toys to kids now I guess…

  • Nathan

    Superheros are made of steel anyways, how else can they jump through composite glass? What’s a boob punch between enemies that can’t be followed up by ball kick anyways? ;P

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