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The Angry Birds Movie movie review: what the shell?

Angry Birds red light

What the heck is this? Some sort of meninist political statement attempting to vindicate male anger? In a kids’ movie? Maybe men shouldn’t make movies…tweet
I’m “biast” (pro): nothing

I’m “biast” (con): movies based on games fill me with dread

(what is this about? see my critic’s minifesto)

Movies are so dominated by women that you’d be forgiven for presuming that a new one entitled Angry Birds is likely yet another broad grossout slapstick comedy about a gang of cranky, foulmouthed gals getting into trouble and embarrassing themselves with malicious glee. (I know that I, for one, am tired of this subgenre, in which there seems to be a new entry every other week.) Sure, this movie is based on a popular mobile-app game, but the game is pure nonsense: it doesn’t have anything approaching an actual story or genuine characters. It’s a template, a framework around which to hang almost any sort of story one might care to hang on it.

So it’s downright audacious to see that the story that a rare all-male creative team chose to hang on that game is one that has been virtually taboo on the big screen: male anger (and not the sort of social condoned female anger you might expect). Yes, sometimes male anger is the butt of a movie’s joke — “Oh, look at that poor guy, his hormones are going crazy!” — and sometimes movies will (correctly) condemn out-of-control male rage, depicting it as a problem for our society, given how it inevitably leads to antisocial behavior, and bad for men, too, in how it is typically indicative of poor emotional health and low self-esteem. But that’s not what’s going on in Angry Birds: this movie supposes it is a vindication of male anger! Can you think of the last movie you saw — or even heard about! — that was about men who are angry and this is a positive thing?

I worry a bit for screenwriter Jon Vitti, whose credits are mostly in the TV realm, which we all know is a little friendlier to men than film is, and Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly, respectively an animator and a storyboard artist, making the leap to feature directors. (I wonder who they all had to sleep with to snag this gig!) They’ve marked themselves as niche meninist filmmakers with what is, apparently, meant to be a fun movie for kids, with political content that is frankly rather inappropriate; no one wants their children indoctrinated while watching a cartoon. I sure it will impact their ability to get future work, the dears.

There is, dare I say it, a sense of desperate male fury about Angry Birds, as if the filmmakers recognize the futility of what they’re attempting here but are going to plow on nevertheless. (One appreciates their spunk, but as has been said before, perhaps men are simply not suited for making movies.) Forcing a logical narrative onto an absurdist nonlinear interactive experiencetweet was probably never going to work in a satisfying way, and they’ve only highlighted how phony it is with their unlikely male hero, Red (the voice of Jason Sudeikis: Tumbledown, Horrible Bosses 2), who is an outcast in his community because of his outbursts; we are apparently meant to feel sorry for him because of this! In the opening sequence, he is violently rude to people he has wronged when they are understandably upset about being wronged, after which he is sent to an “anger management” course, where he meets other angry birds: Terence (the voice of Sean Penn [The Gunman, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty], though it’s really never more than inarticulate growling), Chuck (the voice of Josh Gad: Pixels, The Wedding Ringer), and Bomb (the voice of Danny McBride: Rock the Kasbah, Aloha).

It’s cute that the male filmmakers decided to buck the natural inclination to make their main characters female; their matching birds in the game are not gendered, and so most players have obviously been assuming they were female. Nice blow for male equality! But any gentle underscoring of the plight of men– er, I mean, of male birds is absent. This is a fantasy world in which birds are flightless, for instance, and yet where is the hint of tragic irony in this? Birds for us humans are a symbol of freedom precisely because of their ability to fly: you might imagine that any meninist tale of how men are denigrated because of their emotions might look to flightlessness as a sad metaphor for the curtailing of their freedom to be themselves. There are lots of pop culture references here, stuck in among the fast-moving cartoonishness, and the character of Bomb seems ready made for a reference to Tony Morrison’s heartbreaking autobiography I Know Why the Angry Bird Explodes — but nothing. Too humane and intellectual, boys? (And don’t write in complaining that I am womansplaining how men could do meninism better. They should know that it’s better not to alienate the very women they are trying to win over! You catch more flies with honey, after all. If Angry Birds truly wanted us to believe that anger is a good thing, it would go about it in a nicer way.)

Instead, Angry Birds — now I see the title as something of a defiant meninist battle crytweet — is all about the anger. The birds here have believed that their island is the whole world, and that there are no other creatures, but when a shipload of pigs arrive — like an alien spaceship out of the ocean blue — Red is instantly suspicious of them. He’s furious, in fact, that everyone else is being so nice and kind and welcoming to the pigs. In the real world, of course, Red would be seen as delusional, and the pigs would have no nefarious motives, because they’d know that that doesn’t get you anywhere, and would ruin a relationship before it even began. But here, Red is right! The pigs are up to no good.

There is some quite nasty stuff that comes next: a scene in which the pigs do a song-and-dance number dressed in assless chaps* — which causes all the lady birds to swoon — is followed on by Red sneaking onto the pigs’ ship to learn their secrets, during which we glimpse a copy of Fifty Shades of Green (the pigs are green) given prominent display. We are clearly meant to infer that the pigs are dangerous seducers of women — and by extension, of all birdkind, like how when we say “women” that also includes the subset of “men”; it’s right there in the word, after all. And this is a trap that Red must save his people from… something that only Red, who is awake to the danger, can do.

Red find himself astonished that the “fate of the world” is now left up to “idiots like me.” It is, and this is perhaps the most implausible thing aboutAngry Birds. A self-professed idiot male, clouded by hormonal rage, is going to save the world? I don’t think so.tweet There’s a reason why no one else has tried to float such a notion before in movies. Let’s hope we never see it again.

*this is really in the movie

red light 1.5 stars

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The Angry Birds Movie (2016)
US/Can release: May 20 2016
UK/Ire release: May 13 2016

MPAA: rated PG for rude humor and action
BBFC: rated U (very mild bad language, comic slapstick, innuendo, toilet humour)

viewed in 2D
viewed at a public multiplex screening

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  • Heroman

    No one was expecting this movie to be good. But I bet no one was expecting a feminist to contrive it to be about women’s rights and how untrue to life an animated kids’ movie is, either. This is the single worst movie review I’ve ever read – I’m embarrassed to share this planet with someone so out of touch! If you think a 3D film about irate avians is unrealistic, maybe you should check your worldview and realize how ridiculous a life you’re leading.

  • RogerBW

    Hurrah! This is a voice I like to hear. “Yer gotta laugh, aint’cha?”

    (Has there ever been a film based on a video game that was widely liked by people who weren’t fans of the game?)

  • mechasus

    You people *had* put an agenda into everything…

  • Bill_Cipher


  • Mel b

    Wow did we see the same movie . Me and my kids loved it . Have you ever made a movie ? I’m guessing not .
    This is very fun not angry movie . It follows a game
    Theme downloaded by 3 billion people .
    There are no political overtones .do you have kids ?
    It’s just a fun happy family film .ingnore her review go see the movie lighten up . Enjoy .
    Ps the who did they sleep with comment is disgusting and offensive . These people worked hard for 5 years on this movie .

  • SaltHarvest

    I was going to avoid this movie as a matter of habit, but my curiosity has been piqued.

  • Danielm80

    We should preserve this page for the historical record. When future generations want to know what it was like to use the Internet in 2016, they can refer to this comment thread.

  • Kathy_A

    Gee, all that’s missing is a reference to “political correctness” and the film is a tribute to Trump-ism!!
    (BTW, the only film based on a game that was any good was Clue, which reveled in its goofiness and ended up being hilarious. And it has a quote that applies to all this “menimism”–“Flames on the side of my face!”

  • Just Martin

    I agree that since the movie was based in just a simple game, that it’s the duty of it’s writing staff to deliverer on their own level of subtext and as a viewer you are entitled to your first response to that subtext (which is a tad tongue and cheek) but this line “Forcing a logical narrative onto an absurdest nonlinear interactive experience” seems very dismissive of the many other movies that have done the same thing. What about the environmentalist agenda in cloudy with a chance of meatballs, a book with just pictures of food is now telling children all over the world to go green. I’m not saying you are wrong but I don’t think its fair to cheery pick what you deem offensive about the movie when other studios have decided to use blank narratives for their political statements. Just because the subtext is not my opinion does not detach from the movie. Criticize this movie for it’s weak humor and static characters, not because the writers wanted to relate their opinion to a young audience.

    With that mind set then movies like jumanji and it’s future remake, or even films like the Polar Express would of not been made. So I get that it’s a kids movie and that maybe the subject is insensitive but your response seems a tad over the top.

  • Ginger Finger

    Wtf? It’s a kids movie, why are you being so harsh? Let’s see you write a better movie than this. And FYI women get tons of representation in many films, open your eyes there are women in all movies! You sound like one of those women who bakes a lot of pancakes and hides them in other people’s garages. Don’t stress on writing this irrelevant fraul.

  • Thomas

    This review is exceedingly, disgustingly pathetic. As Heroman said, it’s just embarrassing that reviewers such as yourself exist, who instead of a reviewing a colourful kids film, you make about feminism and the problems of men. It’s insulting and you should quit your job you dumb bitch.

  • Samuli Glöersen

    You are so wrong about this movie. It is a deeply feminist movie.

    Men are pigs and pigs lose.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    There is no joke so obvious that someone – or several someones – on the internet not only won’t get it, they’ll write an angry comment loudly proclaiming how much they don’t get it.

    Maybe that should be a corollary to Poe’s Law.

  • Dr. Rocketscience


  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Duck! Oh, wait, no, you’re fine.

  • Fluffchop

    This rant/review sounds as crazy and contrived as the idiotic theories posted on the web by racists about how this movie was an “allegory” for the Migrant crisis in Europe. However, instead of making it all about the race like those conspiracy theories, this review makes all the about the gender, because, uh…men or something.

    “Red find himself astonished that the “fate of the world” is now left up to “idiots like me.”

    Hey, if the shoe fits, wear it. The quotation marks are unnecessary.

  • How to put a bi itch in check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Fj8JkfhP4

  • Matthew Alexander

    Maybe women shouldn’t do movie reviews.
    Oh, I’m sorry, was that sexist?

  • Owen1120

    Love the review! Three questions:
    Is Jon Vitti the only screenwriter, and how did he write this after writing so much good Simpsons?
    Why are the pigs green?
    Does this film also feature a criminal waste of Kate McKinnon?

  • Danielm80

    I don’t know what the line about pancakes is supposed to mean, but I think it should be the new tag line for this site.

  • Heroman

    Are you implying the article review is satire? I’d really love to believe that.

  • Polar Express would of not been made

    If only! What a wonderful world that would be…

  • women who bakes a lot of pancakes and hides them in other people’s garages

    That sounds awesome! Is there a club? Where do I sign up?

  • ThothMRM

    It’s kind of sad that feminists are so oblivious that they don’t even know that Meninism is satire of feminism. It’s just people taking what feminists say and changing the gender. Meninism is a political movement in the same way that the FSM religion is a religion. Seems some will do anything to push their agenda or narrative.

  • 1) IMDB is your friend.
    2) I have no idea, ask the people who made the game.
    3) It features a criminal waste of everyone.

  • Meninism is satire of feminism

    Really? You don’t say! What an interesting concept. Where can I learn more about this?

  • Hey Arnold

    “no one wants their children indoctrinated while watching a cartoon.”

    I am simply astounded by the hypocrisy of this statement. That’s all feminist fucking do now a days.

  • SatanistDadRapedMe

    fucking lol at this review and the PLEASE PAY ME FOR BLOGGING popup that appears…millennials really have no shame

  • SatanistDadRapedMe

    maybe you should change your avatar from Dr. Nigger Weatherman, nerd

  • Zenkai

    This article is proof that feminists are complete idiots and can’t function normally without turning something into a political agenda.

    I hope someone spits on you, you fucking moron.

  • Jurgan

    Oh, this one is going to generate some comments…

    I thought I Know Why the Angry Bird Explodes was written by Mark Angelou?

  • Jurgan

    Maryann is in her forties and proudly identifies as a Generation Xer. Thanks for trying!

  • Jurgan

    Usually fans of the game hate the movies more.

  • Jurgan

    Ps the who did they sleep with comment is disgusting and offensive .


    (She’s parodying how men claim women sleep with people to get jobs.)

  • Jurgan

    But the birds are also men…

  • Jurgan

    You’re a disgusting human being.

  • Jurgan

    It is very, very obvious satire. Here’s a hint: “Meninism” isn’t a real thing

  • Jurgan

    Yes, it was. That’s the point.

  • Jurgan

    It may not be a one-to-one allegory, but “don’t trust foreigners” appears to be a key theme.

  • Jurgan

    Exactly, which is why Maryann is mocking meninism in the same way many men mock feminism. She’s in on the joke.

  • Jurgan

    The review is a parody of how people like you talk about feminism.

  • SatanistDadRapedMe

    is she as bitter and humorless as you are (yes)

  • Jurgan

    My sense of humor is being questioned by someone whose screen name is a rape joke. Whatever will I do? BTW, enjoy the incoming ban.

  • Jusin Beiber


  • ThothMRM

    Well, if this is a satire piece I’d apologize for being snarky, but I was linked here from a site that claimed it as a real opinion piece. Now a days, with all the ridiculous outrage over nothing, it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t real anymore.

  • You suck

    I bet you thought this was really clever as you were writing it.
    I can just imagine your smug self satisfied pig face gloating at yourself in a mirror drinking a chocolate frapichino while patting yourself on the back for another job well done while Beethoven Symphony No 7
    plays in the background for this laughably incoherent rambling “satirical” metaphor your trying to force for this shitty movie just to get some page views.

    In summary fuck you pretentious hack.

  • AlexTheKaiser

    Bounced in my boy’s dick to this for minutes. Would’ve been hours but the sheer stupidity of what you wrote was literally killing our brains.

  • Ivan

    You know, maybe not every movie ever made has to dedicate itself to praising your particular ideology.

    You seem to think the entire world exists to serve you, and you just yell at anyone when they don’t.

    This was a movie based on a iPhone game. A iPhone game called ANGRY BIRDS.

    Not every movie is made for you. At a certain point, you are responsible for determining if this is your kind of movie. It sounds like you knew it wouldn’t be (big surprise). Yet you saw it anyway, and act like you’re being oppressed. No one forced you to watch this movie. You chose to watch a movie about a casual game and you’re posses that it doesn’t explicitly support your ideology?

    This movie might be angry, but you’re just plain mad.

  • DeusEx

    So Zootopia, with all its agenda pushing, was alright, not propaganda and totally accetpable for children to watch. Yet somehow Angry Birds is not?

    May, thy name is cognitive dissonance.

  • James Avis

    Plenty of feminists who think it is. It’s a Poe’s Law problem.

  • James Avis

    Feminists make Poe’s Law impossible to identify.

  • James Avis

    Except that feminism does do that. Why parody objective criticism?

  • James Avis

    Ooh Jurgan the humourless big man

  • James Henderson

    Hey it’s great you’re feeling oppressed but I was hoping for a legitimate review of the movie, I thought actual reviews are what’s counted in the Tomatometer, not whatever kind of gender politics essay this is?

  • Jurgan

    Maryann likes a lot of animated movies, so why do you say it wouldn’t be for her?

  • Jurgan

    What the hell does this mean?

  • Jurgan

    Well, there are the MRA types, but they’re a joke just by existing.

  • AlexTheKaiser

    Which makes sense, after the abhorrent crimes that took place in Cologne last year.

  • Jurgan

    Actually, I’m not even sure what to say. Having followed Maryann for years, I can guarantee that her point is that men often are dismissive and insulting towards women in movies. For this review she’s pretending to live in a world where women are in control, and taking the same attitude towards men that those men take towards women. I’m sure her actual opinion is something like “another stupid movie where mediocre men save the world by being dumb jerks,” but thought it would be more interesting to satirize the sexism in movie criticism this way.

  • Jurgan

    Something wrong with being a feminist?

  • SatanistDadRapedMe

    “enjoy the incoming ban” he said with a sly grin

  • amanohyo

    “irrelevant fraul” is also a fairly catchy tag line. Cookie cutter comments are far less frustrating if I imagine them being spoken aloud by Comic Book Guy, Dale Gribble, and/or Veruca Salt, depending on the whine level. After skimming hundreds of these, my sarcasm detector is fried Perhaps there’s a silent smiley face I’m just not picking up on?

  • Jurgan

    Does what, indoctrinate children? All media has a message. If you think “tells girls that they’re as good as boys” is a message that should be criticized, that’s your problem.

  • SatanistDadRapedMe

    thanks for correcting him, captain nerd

  • Jurgan

    I’m sorry, have you said something funny? Also, what makes you sure I’m a man?

  • Jurgan

    Roger and I are both regular commenters who can discuss with each other civilly. You’re a racist, sexist troll who has no business being here.

  • Jurgan

    Ah, there it is. Blame the many for the actions of the few. There’s a word for that.

  • SatanistDadRapedMe

    please try to be constructive when you criticize others, nerdo

  • Jurgan

    Can you instruct me how to make constructive comments? I’m guessing no, given what you’ve posted thus far.

  • Jurgan

    LOL, in your post history you used the word “cuckservative.” Clearly you’re an intelligent debater with much valuable insight to add.

  • amanohyo

    1) Does the content of the agenda matter, or is agenda pushing forbidden even if it is an agenda you personally agree with?

    2) What aspects of Zootopia’s agenda, if any, did you find particularly unacceptable for children to watch?

    3) Do you believe that a movie upholding the status quo lacks an agenda? In other words, can filmmakers push an agenda unconsciously or do they have to be deliberate?

    4) What if anything did you enjoy about this movie? Is it worthwhile for children to watch it? Why or why not?

  • SatanistDadRapedMe

    do you have like endless time on your hands???

  • AlexTheKaiser

    Yes, the few. Pfft, it doesn’t matter. It was only a few women who got brutally raped, it’s nothing! That’s how idiotic you sound. Considering how the police literally hide their crimes because of fear of being labled racist it makes you wonder how many crimes are being hidden for the sake of being politically correct. Like it or not, it’s the truth.

  • Heroman

    Apparently, meninism is a real thing, despite my never having heard of it until today. After perusing a handful of other posts on this site, I’m afraid that no, this post is not satire. There’s no need for you to brigade through the comments and try to defend it. The author is living in some bizarro dreamworld bubble where all men hate women, or something, and I can’t figure out how they’ve made it through life this long without being diagnosed as clinically insane. #justtumblrthings

  • amanohyo

    You made a lot of insightful points, but something just didn’t add up. I ran to the nearest dictionary to look up “actual” and “review,” and after many hours of pondering, sadly concluded that this qualifies as both. The terms are shockingly flexible.

    If only there was a way to find several reviewers that share your particular taste in movies and reviewing style and compile them into some kind of Confirmation Biastiary. Hand-picked tomatoes, 90% fresh or your money back, sounds like a golden business opportunity for one Mr. Jimmy-jam Henderson!

  • Jurgan

    Hello pot, I’m kettle. Why don’t you go back to trolling Media Matters?

  • Jurgan

    She’s really not. I’ve been reading this site for close to fifteen years, so I think I know something about her views. She’s a proud feminist who is trying to illustrate how ridiculous sexism is by imagining a role reversal. It’s not that complicated.

  • Jurgan

    Your concern trolling is not very convincing. Most of ISIS’s victims are people living in the Middle East, not people living in France. But this isn’t really relevant to the article, is it?

  • Jurgan

    Hah, you upvoted all your own comments! And I’m the one with no life?

  • James10898

    You’d think it’d be about reviewing how this movie is a documentary on the situation in europe

  • Scareglow42

    Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch. Your the type of femenism that gives femenism with purpose to make women powerful and incharge stances in society a bad name. Their is nothing wrong with anger. Its an emotion that can be used to stop negative things in our lives. A fuel to drive our passion to change things. You misandric cunts fucking disgust me.

  • SueCorn

    And then people have the audacity to cry that it’s ‘the feminists’ who apparently don’t have a sense of humor. These commenters are utter morons…

  • amanohyo

    In some sense, the most appropriate way to celebrate this movie is to post thoughtless, reactionary, angry comments. It would be antithetical to praise the movie for making people happy… and also patently inaccurate. In summary, Sir or Madam, it’s just a review – maybe try turning your brain off and relaxing? Trust me, strangers on the internet can be a real handful if you start taking them seriously.

  • amanohyo

    I believe, and this might be wrong, that he’s claiming he had sex with a younger man for several minutes while reading this review, an act that would have continued for hours (ouch, the chafing) if not for the fact that his brain cells and the brain cells of the young gentleman he was penetrating were literally dying due to the strenuous process of reading.

    A few of these angry comments are bizarrely specific. Say what you will about the twitter generation, they can certainly paint a peculiar picture.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Like I said, *whoosh*.

  • SatanistDadRapedMe

    SueCorn…sounds like you got a corn cob UP YOUR ASS

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    They’re certainly very special. Like snowflakes, really.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    More of a “maybe you’re not a very smart man” problem.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    What is it exactly that you think film reviewers do? Or film commenters? Or film bloggers? Or film go-see-it-with-friends-and-talk-about-it-later-ers?

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Actually, I think the “in” may be a typo, and that Alex is actually the receiving partner (i.e. “bounced on”). Or maybe I’m just not down with the lingo.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Oh, I’d go so far as to call him a master debater.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    You sound mad. Hysterically so, one might say.

  • Someone Human

    “no one wants their children indoctrinated while watching a cartoon”

    You mean like Zootopia?

  • Someone Human

    Yes, now make a synapses of my posts too, please, your providing a valuable service.

  • Someone Human

    That word is statistics.

    Like how 30% of Muslims in France think suicide bombings and violence against civilians is justifiable to defend Islam. And how younger Muslims are more radical than older Muslims.


  • LA Julian

    A racist, sexist troll who upvotes his own comments, no less! Can you get any more pathetic than that?

  • LA Julian

    Or the “how is babby formed?” caveman…

  • Jurgan

    Not sure why you want me to turn your post into neural connections, but that’s not really my field.

  • Jurgan

    Yeah, that’s what I guessed- I can’t see how you could bounce “in” a dick. Well, maybe there are instructions in the darker corners of the net, but I’m not willing to go looking.

  • Jurgan

    Name a feminist in the United States who is a “feminist with purpose.” This must be someone currently active, not someone who died decades ago. My guess is most “I don’t hate feminists, just certain kinds” types don’t actually have any interest in modern feminism.

  • Jurgan
  • LA Julian

    Urethral sounds. I learned this by accident and cannot unlearn/unsee it.

  • LA Julian

    It’s also been pointed out by German women that none of these people care or cared about how many women get groped or raped during Oktoberfests ordinarily, except now that they can use it as an excuse for xenophobia.

    Which matches the “outrage” at crimes committed by immigrants and/or minorities in America, and the corresponding pretense that no crimes are committed by white citizens, ever…at least, they don’t seem to care about the vast majority of rapes or murders or car crashes committed by the people who look just like themselves!

  • Alex Reynard

    What the hell are you talking about? Like, for starters, did no one tell you that there’s only one meninist and it’s a Twitter account? And if this is satire, I can’t untangle it enough to figure out which side it’s actually on.

  • Desmond Alwer

    I can’t for the life of me tell why anyone would take such a simplistic film, (one based off a fucking iPhone app!) and write an article for Rottentomatoes about how the film isn’t feminist enough? Also, why the hell are you complaining about how all these birds are men? As if you can tell male from female pigeons apart, fuck! Just because none of the birds spread eagle and put their all-powerful vaginas on full display doesn’t mean there were no female birds. This grellish article has no clear arguments, reallly. This invalid article was written while Mary was using one hand to masturbate to videos of Oprah and the other to claw at the keyboard like a menopausing feline.

  • TheSharpeful

    “Well, there are the MRA types, but they’re a joke just by existing.”

    See, you’re the living embodiment on why this review is probably not satire ;)

  • TheSharpeful

    “Exactly, which is why Maryann is mocking meninism in the same way many men mock feminism. She’s in on the joke.”

    Well… Meninists mock feminism by using feminists sexism and reversing the gender.
    If “Maryann” is mocking meninism by reversing the gender again, we’re right back where we started – feminism lol

  • LA Julian

    I assume this is a Poe, because nobody defending sexism and attacking feminism seriously as unnecessary could be so ignorant as to do so with virulently sexist insults, and unable to even spell “feminism” correctly…

  • LA Julian

    This commenter probably also thought that Jonathan Swift was really advocating eating babies…

  • Eagle35

    I see some of the people defending this review calling it “Satire” and insulting those for not getting it.
    In order for something like “This” to be proper satire, it’d have to have clever insight into what it’s mocking via exaggeration.
    As a writer, this is not brilliant satire in the slightest. No insight whatsoever. You’re simply mocking a movement that was intended as a mockery of a movement that has become a mockery of itself. Ever heard of the rule “Never spoof a spoof?” You just violated it.

  • Bojangles

    so glad we can review the reviewers. i hope you have kids one day and they tie you up and beat you senseless. only top critics should be alowed to leave a review on rotten tomatoes. lol


    Go sit on someone’s face you fucking cow!

  • Lads van

    This film’s theme is talking about sex and herbalism. Clearly the reviews doesn’t have an open mind. I’ll spell it out for you; birds prey on one another as they mate — this is proper and natural, too. The previous sentiment of pigs can be derived from a human voice, they who take the sword and die by it. You forget to a bootlegger the shame, and hence, missed the point of the day before my eyes. The facts of academics and I don’t know why you. Maybe you can be a good kf you stop being so solipsistic.

  • Lads van

    Try to be get with the best of luck in your life and death the. I’m watching this a lot lot of joke about it is. The only thing you do that in my head when the sun goes to the gym today.

  • Russell Smith

    This is a cute little Poe. Didn’t fall for it. Nice bit of satire there.

  • Russell Smith

    I choose to believe the entire website is satire. And if it has been about for very long, it’s astonishing that no one has tumbled to it. The satire must have been -very- subtle before this article.

  • RogerBW

    Yeah, the ones I meet too, but the defenders who pop up here always claim to be fans of the game.

  • James Henderson

    Good for you man! I personally didn’t need to look things up but i’m always happy to help people learn!

  • Plenty of feminists who think it is.

    Citation needed.

  • After perusing a handful of other posts on this site, I’m afraid that no, this post is not satire.

    As the author of this post, I can assure you that it *is* satire.

    So sad that I have to actually spell that out.

  • I was linked here from a site that claimed it as a real opinion piece

    Go yell at them, then.

  • You’re very close to getting bounced.

  • Why is my name in quotes? Do you not think I’m a real person?

  • Maybe in some alternate universe…

  • you are responsible for determining if this is your kind of movie.

    I don’t think you understand one of the purposes of arts criticism…

  • My name isn’t May.

  • You’re so close to getting the joke…

  • You’re so very close to getting the joke…

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