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from Facebook: why a female Ghostbusters matters

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  • leah

    Aw! I hope we can get to a place where there are lots of women as heroes representing different races and ethnicities for girls and boys to admire, wouldn’t that be grand. One step at a time, I guess. (I really liked this movie)

  • Cranky Crab

    How about making one that doesn’t suck? Because this one looks awful and the buzz from insiders is even worse.

  • Cranky Crab

    It’s not out yet. How can you like it???

  • Danielm80

    Lots of good movies have gotten terrible buzz and the other way around. Have you read the review of the movie on this site? MaryAnn loved it. A number of other critics who’ve seen it liked it, too. You can see it yourself and decide if you agree, if you don’t want to depend on “buzz.”

  • Hallah

    It’s not out in the US, but it opened in the UK and Ireland on Monday.

  • Nathan

    Really? I’ve heard it’s alright, pretty funny as summer action comedy goes. An original story would have been nice but whatever.

  • Yes, we need more diverse faces onscreen doing all the cool shit.

  • The US is not the whole world. :-)

  • How about making one that doesn’t suck?

    You accused someone else on this thread of expressing an opinion on the film even though “it’s not out yet” (even though it is out in some countries). So, since you clearly have not seen it, how do you know that is sucks?

  • BraveGamgee

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUZFkY6rLfc I apologize if this video is too off-topic, but it felt relatable to the topic. From 2:39 – 4:24 Leslie talks about how seeing Whoopi onscreen inspired her because she saw someone who looked like her, and dangit, it made me tear up.

  • leah

    I’ve seen it twice now, in two different countries as it happens (neither of them the USA).

  • Nathan

    The insiders say so!

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